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Legend No More was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra faced Roxana in the finale of the Battle of One Hundred Hands.


Kassandra and Roxana took their positions opposite one another on the final battleground.

Met Roxana

  • Kassandra: It seems like the training has paid off.
  • Roxana: I was about to say the same.
  • Drakios: Enough chatter. Our patrons demand a champion. Finish this!

  • Kassandra: We can lay down our weapons. There's nothing more to prove.
  • Drakios: This is outrageous.
    Roxana—only one of you can win the Battle and become champion.
  • Kassandra: We don't have to kill each other.
  • Drakios: Think of the riches, Roxana. Indeed, everything you've dreamed of is almost within your grasp.
  • Kassandra: We can walk away.
  • Drakios: Only one of you can walk away a legend.
  • Roxana: The stakes were clear from the beginning, Kassandra. Don't do this. I'm so close—
  • Drakios: Enough! The Battle must end now!
  • Kassandra: No. Roxana, we decide how this ends. Not him.

Roxana reflected for a moment, hesitant.

  • Roxana: I'm beginning to think there are things more important than riches and glory.

  • Kassandra: Join me on my ship. There are more adventures for us out on the Aegean.
  • Roxana: I will! I will join you!
  • Drakios: No! You must finish the battle!

Kassandra turned to Drakios and drew her spear.

  • Kassandra: It's over, Drakios.
  • Drakios: It's over when I say it's over. Guards!

Two scions of the Cult of Kosmos ran forward to join Drakios. They attacked Kassandra, but Roxana stood with her. The two women fought side by side against the crooked organizer of the Battle of One Hundred Hands, slaying him and all of his men. Kassandra approached Roxana after the battle.

  • Roxana: Thank you, champion.
  • Kassandra: So, I'll see you at my ship?
  • Roxana: Yes. I'm ready to go wherever the sea wind takes us.
  • Kassandra: Wherever it is, adventure awaits. For both of us, now.

They turned to stare at the sea.

(Outcome 2)

Did not meet Roxana

  • Roxana: I saw you fighting out there, misthios. It was impressive. I would say you're Spartan, but what you did is not something they train for at the agoge.

  • Kassandra: I'm not a typical misthios. This fight will be unlike any you've had before.
  • Roxana: That maybe. But it's my destiny to win this Battle, a destiny that's been years in the making.

  • Roxana: I sincerely hope you're as strong as you say. It will make the songs they write about this day that much more epic.
  • Drakios: There will be no legend to sing about until this Battle is finished.
  • Roxana: Fine. Let's finish it.

The fight began between Kassandra and Roxana. After a while, Kassandra dealt a blow to Roxana.

  • Roxana: Finally. Not playing anymore, are we?
  • Kassandra: No, we're not.
  • Roxana: Come on! We need this to be a fight we are remembered for.

Kassandra defeated Roxana, killing her. She approached Drakios, who applauded her victory.

  • Drakios: Well done, misthios. We should return to the city for your ceremony.
  • Kassandra: First I want the information you promised me.
  • Drakios: I don't think so.
  • Kassandra: No more games! Tell me what you know about the Cult.
  • Drakios: Truth is, misthios, the Battle of One Hundred Hands was always a bit of a trap. Indeed, we've been doing it for years, hoping to draw out the sibling of the warrior Deimos.

  • Kassandra: You've found me.
  • Drakios: As I suspected.
  • Kassandra: And you know what I'm capable of.
  • Drakios: Indeed, I do.

  • Kassandra: That all means nothing to me.
  • Drakios: Oh, come now, misthios. We have found you. Indeed, everything's gone according to plan.

Kassandra drew out her spear.

  • Kassandra: I've killed many people today, Drakios. I can make it one more.
  • Drakios: Today is the day I earn a big bonus from the masked ones. I was hoping we could do this elsewhere, but—

Cultists guards appeared beside Drakios.

  • Kassandra: I have plenty of fight left.

Kassandra defeated Drakios and the guards.

  • Kassandra: All these people died just for the Cult to find me...


Kassandra made her way to the finals of the Battle of One Hundred Hands, then slew Drakios and the Cultists of Kosmos who financed it. It is unclear whether Roxana died as the runner-up or sided with Kassandra to shut down the battle royale.


  • If Kassandra did not meet Roxana and completed the quests on Hydrea, then the option to spare and recruit Roxana will not present. Instead, Kassandra has no choice but to fight her to the death, following the 2nd outcome given if Kassandra has already met her but chose to fight to the death.
    • Choosing to eliminate Roxana will provide Kassandra the truth about the tournament's purpose, as well as Roxana's shield.
  • Regardless of the choices, Drakios will still die at the end.



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