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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the DLC.

Legacy of the First Blade was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


After killing Gergis, Kassandra headed up to the Temple of Zeus to confront Amorges.


  • Kassandra: Amorges... Today you bleed.

Kassandra navigated through the Andania Mine and made her way to the Temple of Zeus.

  • Kassandra: Elpidios... I'm almost there. My son... Mater's coming.

Entering the courtyard, she found Amorges waiting.

  • Amorges: Calm, aren't they? Moments like these. The moments before the end.
  • Kassandra: If you've hurt my son... nothing will protect you. No man. No beast. No god.
  • Amorges: He's safe with me, Kassandra. Happy. Healthy. And I promise you, he always will be.

  • Kassandra: Where is Elpidios? Where is my son?!
  • Amorges: Far from war, far from danger... far from you.

  • Kassandra: Think about where we're going, Amorges. This path can only end in one place. Unless you tell me where to find my son.
  • Amorges: I'm sorry, Kassandra. I can't do that.

  • Kassandra: I once swore to people I loved I would crush the Order. Believe me, I will keep that promise.
  • Amorges: You think you can destroy us? The Order's plan goes well beyond you, Kassandra.
  • Kassandra: What...?
ACOD Legacy of the First Blade memory Screenshot 2

Amorges confronted by Kassandra

  • Amorges: Ever the hero, thinking this is all about you. This isn't about any one of us - it's about that most precious of things... peace. This war between Athens and Sparta threatens to incinerate more than just the Greek world. The carnage and butchery have spread to Persia and beyond. The Order has the power to save the world... And so we will. My agents are rooted deeply in every aspect of Greek life. We have seeped into your establishments, your temples, your homes... We are winning the hearts of your people. Through the Order's influence and Persia's wealth, Sparta will end this war. A new chapter in history will be written by us. We have planted a seed in the fertile soil that is the Greek people, and now peace will grow. Only one threat to that peace remains... you. Only one threat to that peace remains... you.

  • Kassandra: How could you think I'd - I don't want a war, I want my son!
  • Amorges: You don't want a war? You brought one to my door! You're a Tainted One, the strongest, most dangerous force the Order has ever seen. You are fire. Only you stand in the way of the Order's purpose.

ACOD Legacy of the First Blade memory Screenshot 7

Darius and Kassandra confronting Amorges

Darius interrupted Amorges.

  • Darius: You've forgotten our promise, old friend.
  • Amorges: Artabanus! I wondered when you'd make your dramatic entrance.
  • Darius: Think of the innocent lives that were lost, Amorges. You claimed to want peace, but what good is peace when it's enforced tyranny.
  • Amorges: I fought for the greater good, for our children, for their futures. I saved your grandson, and I saved Artaxerxes that night... Do you remember? I saved him from you.
  • Darius: Tell us where Elpidios is.
  • Amorges: I'm sorry. As long as I breathe, I will never endanger the child - By letting her raise him!

Amorges drew his sword and shield and attacked Kassandra and Darius. They defended themselves.

  • Kassandra: Where is Elpidios? Tell me. Tell me!
  • Amorges: You cannot raise the boy. With you, he'll never be safe.
  • Kassandra: He's my son!
  • Darius: Do you remember the truth I whispered in the ear of King Xerxes?
  • Amorges: Remind me, old friend!
  • Darius: For all the Order's power, they could not protect you - Not from me!
    We must protect the people we love, Amorges.
  • Amorges: That's what I'm doing!
  • Darius: Where is the child?!
  • Amorges: In safer hands than yours, "Darius"!

Darius and Kassandra began to overwhelm Amorges.

  • Kassandra: Return my son, and your pain will end, Amorges!
  • Amorges: Never.
  • Kassandra: I'll kill every last one of you!
  • Amorges: There is no "last one of us," Kassandra. We're the waves. We're the ocean. The Order is endless!

Amorges was defeated and retreated near a fence. Kassandra disarmed his shield and Darius pushed him down the hill.

  • Kassandra: Darius!
ACOD Legacy of the First Blade memory Screenshot 11

Darius with his Hidden Blade near Amorges

Kassandra went down the hill and found Darius drawing his Hidden Blade near Amorges' throat.

  • Amorges: The sun rises, but she also sets. My time is over, old friend.
  • Darius: We were protectors, Amorges. We were champions of Persia. Of the people!
  • Amorges: I still am, Artabanus. I only wanted to keep our home safe - the world safe.

Darius retracted his Hidden Blade and gave Amorges his right hand.

  • Darius: The child, Amorges. Please.

He helped Amorges up.

  • Amorges: He's on a small island, just off the coast of Messenia. Perfect spot of fishing... The Order will never give up, Kassandra. You and your boy will always be hunted.

  • Kassandra: And he'll always have me to protect him.

  • Kassandra: I know.

  • Amorges: The Order aren't just a group of people - they're an idea. And idea cannot be beaten. And idea cannot be destroyed.
  • Darius: Not by blades, but through knowledge, through wisdom... Through ideas of our own. Nothing is absolute, Amorges. You taught me that a long time ago.

Amorges groaned in pain and kneeled forward. Darius squatted beside him.

  • Darius: "There will always be tyrants..."
  • Amorges: And there will always be you, my brother... to stop them...
ACOD Legacy of the First Blade memory Screenshot 16

Amorges' death

Amorges succumbed to him wounds and passed on.

  • Darius: Go in peace, old friend.

The next day, Kassandra travelled to Messenia, overlooking the small island Amorges mentioned. Kassandra travelled down the hill to a small felucca near the shore.

  • Kassandra: If Amorges was true to his word... Elpidios will be there.

Kassandra boarded the felucca and sailed towards the island. After docking, She travelled inland and found a man on a small hill.

  • Kassandra: Hold on... Just hold on.
ACOD Legacy of the First Blade memory Screenshot 19

Darius II meeting Kassandra

Kassandra approached the man, who was carrying a baby. The man handed the baby over to Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: My boy, my son... My beautiful son. I'm here, Elpidios... Mater's here...

Kassandra turned to the man.

  • Kassandra: You've kept watch over my son.
  • Unknown: Every day. Every night. Amorges made sure of it.
  • Kassandra: Thank you.
  • Unknown: You know... He has a real Spartan appetite.
  • Kassandra: Tell me about it.

Darius arrived shortly after and heaved a sigh of relief.

  • Kassandra: Mater's got so many stories to tell you - And you've got some stories for Mater too, I see...

Kassandra walked away to spend time with Elpidios. Darius turned to the man.

  • Darius: Who are you?
  • Son of Artaxerxes: I am Darius. Son of the Persian king, Artaxerxes.
  • Darius: Artaxerxes...
  • Son of Artaxerxes: You know my father?
  • Darius: We've met... But it's been a while.
  • Son of Artaxerxes: He's a good king and a great father. Persia knows peace. She prospers. I miss him.
  • Darius: Keep Persia safe... That is his legacy.
ACOD Legacy of the First Blade memory Screenshot 25

Kassandra's last moment with her child

Darius and Kassandra gathered at the shoreline, preparing to leave. While Darius was packing, Kassandra tended to Elpidios on a rock. He put his Hidden Blade into a small box.

  • Darius: It's time.
  • Kassandra: Just a moment longer.
  • Darius: It has to be now.

Kassandra stood up, took out a scarf and wrapped it around Elpidios. She gave him a kiss.

  • Darius: What will you do?
  • Kassandra: Amorges was right - I am fire. I'll use that, a beacon to the Order. If they want to come after my bloodline, they'll know exactly where to find me... But they'll never find -

Kassandra looked at Elpidios, who had fallen asleep.

  • Kassandra: And what will you do, Darius?
  • Darius: The Order was created for a purpose. If I can understand our enemy, I can outmaneuver them. I'll protect the boy, Kassandra - be a guardian to Elpidios and to all those who share his blood.

They sat down on a rock.

  • Darius: When the day comes, when he asks of his mater, what should I tell him?

Kassandra stood up.

  • Kassandra: Tell him he had a mater and pater who lived incredible lives, who saw incredible things... and none of it was as incredible as him. His smile. His laugh. The sight of him asleep in my arms...

  • Kassandra: If Elpidios comes looking for me, it might be the order who find him. Tell him only that his parents are dead... But you are loved, Elpidios. You will always be loved.

Darius stood up and approached Kassandra. She turned around.

  • Kassandra: Should a day come where he feels unloved or alone, you tell him there is no such day - because he will always be loved.

Kassandra handed over Elpidios to Darius.

  • Kassandra: You hear me? You will always be loved.

Darius and Kassandra parted ways. He brought the baby onto a felucca. Kassandra watched as the boat left. Kassandra narrated her vision while Darius sailed far away from Greece.

  • Kassandra: You'll fight and you'll fall. There will be times when you'll think you can't rise again. You'll want to stay down.

Darius arrived onto land.

  • Kassandra: But you will get up, Elpidios. Because you're strong. Because our bloodline is strong.

The scene depicted Darius arriving in Egypt, navigating through the Giza desert. A timelapse is shown depicing Elpidios growing up to a child and then to an adult.

  • Kassandra: And because we always get up. You'll ask why.

It then seemingly depicted the descendants of Elpidios.

  • Kassandra: And while you'll never know me, know this - You are my son, and I'll always fight for you.

The scene turned towards an individual standing on the head of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

  • Kassandra: You, and those that will come after.

The scene then showed Aya of Alexandria, who inspected the surrounding before doing a Leap of Faith.


Kassandra and Darius defeated Amorges, who revealed Elpidios' location and patched up with Darius before dying. Arriving on the island south of Messenia, they met Darius II, the son of Artaxerxes I, who handed over the baby to Kassandra. Kassandra made the decision to send Elpidios away with Darius to ensure his safety from the Order.

In her vision, Darius settled down in Egypt with Elpidios. Elpidios later become an ancestor to numerous individuals, including Aya of Alexandria.


  • Darius stating to Amorgas that Nothing is absolute in response to the Order's ideals of absolute peace through control, is the first half of the Assassin's credo. Coupled with Gergis' All things are permitted form the motto of the future Assassin's Creed to learn, adapt, and change.



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