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Legacy of the First Blade – Episode 3: Bloodline is the third and final part of the downloadable content packs in Legacy of the First Blade, for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

The episode focus on the conclusion of Kassandra's fight alongside Darius against the Order of the Ancients as she roots out the Order of Dominion[1] branch in Messenia.[2]





  1. The Simple Life
  2. A Flight in Fire
  3. Answers from Ashes
  4. Two Knives Against the Dark
    1. Command and Control
    2. The Ordering of the Kosmos
    3. The Spartan Dog
    4. The Trap Is Set
  5. The Last Magi
  6. Smoke and Fury
  7. Legacy of the First Blade
  8. Remnant of the Ancients
  9. The Order of Dominion


  1. Give Our Respects
  2. The Favor
  3. No More Wine



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