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Lee's Last Stand was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor returned from the Chesapeake Bay and infiltrated Fort George with the intention of assassinating Charles Lee.


Connor was greeted by Stephane Chapheau.

  • Stephane: Hello, Connor! Welcome back.
  • Connor: Is everything in place?
  • Stephane: Oui. (Yes.) Lafayette waits for you inside the tunnel beneath the city.

Connor made his way to the tunnel.

  • Stephane: Sometimes I worry... That these Patriots — for all their talk of liberty and equality — will fall back into the old ways!
  • Lafayette: It will depend greatly on who is chosen to lead them. A man of humble means — who has worked to earn his place... I think a man like that is less likely to dream of thrones.
  • Stephane: All men dream of thrones. It is in our nature...
  • Lafayette: Then what would you do?
  • Stephane: Ensure their leader is sterile. Without an heir, the threat of succession is ended — and might be left to the people once more.
  • Lafayette: Connor! This tunnel will take you into the military district.
  • Connor: And the Admiral?
  • Lafayette: He waits for you to light the signal — and then the strike begins!
  • Stephane: And we will be there as well!

Connor left and lit the signal tower, sparking the attack. However, Connor was wounded by airborne debris.

Connor injured by a cannonball

  • Connor: Need to get... inside the fort... I am in no condition... to fight... need to stay... away from the guards...

Connor reached the courtyard.

  • Connor: Where are you, Charles...?
  • Haytham: Gone.

Haytham punched Connor, who managed to counter and immobilize him.

  • Haytham: Come now, you cannot hope to match me, Connor. For all your skills, you're still but a boy — with so much left to learn.

Connor stabbed Haytham in the arm.

  • Connor: Give me Lee!
  • Haytham: Impossible. He is the promise of a better future. The sheep need a shepherd.
  • Connor: He has been dismissed and censured. He can do nothing for you now.
  • Haytham: A temporary setback. He will be restored.

Haytham brandished his sword and the two started fighting.

  • Haytham: You act as though you have some right to judge. To declare me and mine wrong for the world. And yet everything I've shown you — all I've said and done — should CLEARLY demonstrate otherwise. We did not harm your people. We did not support the Crown. We worked to see this land united and at peace. Under our rule all will be equal. Do the Patriots promise the same?
  • Connor: They offer freedom.

Connor and Haytham in combat

  • Haytham: Which I've told you — time and time again — is dangerous! There will never be consensus, son, among those you have helped to ascend. They will all differ in their views of what it means to be free. The peace you so desperately seek does not exist.
  • Connor: No. Together they will forge something new — better than what came before.
  • Haytham: These men are united now by a common cause. But when this battle is finished they will fall to fighting amongst themselves about how best to ensure control. In time it will lead to war. You will see.
  • Connor: The Patriot leaders do not seek control. There will be no monarch here. The people will have the power — as they should.
  • Haytham: The people never have the power. Only the illusion of it. And here’s the real secret: they don’t want it. The responsibility is too great to bear. It’s why they’re so quick to fall in line as soon as someone takes charge. They WANT to be told what to do. They YEARN for it. Little wonder, that, since all mankind was BUILT to SERVE.
  • Connor: So because we are inclined by nature to be controlled, who better than the Templars? It is a poor offer.
  • Haytham: It is truth! Principle and practice are two very different beasts.
  • Connor: No, father... You have given up — and would have us all do the same.

Connor and Haytham clashed weapons until the cannonballs started hitting again, one hitting the duo as they fought.

Connor assassinating Haytham

  • Connor:  Ugh... Surrender and I will spare you.
  • Haytham: Brave words from a man about to die.
  • Connor: You fare no better.
  • Haytham: Even when your kind appears to triumph... Still we rise again. And do you know why? It is because the Order is born of a REALIZATION. We require no creed. No indoctrination by desperate old men. All we need is that the world be as it is. And THIS is why the Templars will never be destroyed!

Haytham started to choke Connor, who quickly stabbed Haytham's throat.

  • Haytham: Don't think I have any intention of caressing your cheek and saying I was wrong. I will not weep and wonder what might have been. I'm sure you understand. Still, I'm proud of you in a way. You have shown great conviction. Strength. Courage. All noble qualities. I should have killed you long ago.
  • Connor: Goodbye, father.


Connor managed to assassinate Haytham, but Charles Lee had already escaped.


  • Oddly, a guard from the other side of Fort George's gate may initiate open conflict, spurring Haytham to try and attack him instead of duelling Connor.
  • In the memory "The Final Weighing" from Assassin's Creed: Origins, one of the orators serving the Order of the Ancients paraphrases Haytham's lines said while choking Connor.


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