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This article is about the wife of Barnabas. For other uses, see Leda.
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Leda of Ithaka was the wife Barnabas and the mother of Leda.


In her younger years, Leda often sailed alongside Barnabas in the Aegean Sea. At one point, they became married and had a daughter, whom they named after Leda. Leda and Barnabas were later seperated during an incident which also resulted in the lost of Barnabas' right eye. When Leda regain conscious, she believed Barnabas to be dead, having been unable to find him or his body.[1]

Leda eventually remarried and settled down in the Sacred Plains of Demeter in Attika, where she owned a farm and raised her daughter. Leda eventually passed away as some point prior to the Peloponnesian War and her farm estate was passed down to her daughter.[1]



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