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This article is about the wife of Barnabas. For other uses, see Leda.

Leda's daughter, an apparent lookalike of her mother in her younger years

Leda of Ithaka was the wife Barnabas and the mother of Leda.


In her younger years, Leda often sailed alongside Barnabas in the Aegean Sea. Eventually they married. However, they were separated, and lost track of each other.[1]

Leda had multiple adventures throughout her life. These included being caught by the 'sirens' within the Tomb of Polybotes on Kos, but escaping their clutches, leaving her aulos behind.[2] For a time, she also remained on the island of Anaphi, tending to a young one-eyed boy called Polyphemos, and fishing with him on the beach. Before she left him, she gave him 'spices'.[3] Leda also befriended Circe, with whom she spent a night drinking wine in the ruins on Atoll Point, Paros Island. She left Circe with her bracelet.[4] Decades later, her steps were retraced by the Spartan misthios Kassandra, following visions Barnabas had had while under the effects of lotus flower wine.[1]

Leda eventually remarried and settled down in the Sacred Plains of Demeter in Attika, where she owned a farm and raised her daughter, Leda. Leda passed away at some point prior to the Peloponnesian War, and her farm estate was inherited by her daughter.[5]


"She was the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Beautiful dark hair and skin. Her green eyes sparkled like jewels."

Leda had black hair and green eyes, which were noted by Barnabas as well as Polyphemos. Her daughter was the spitting image of her, enough that when Barnabas met Leda within the cave near her farm, he believed that the girl was at first his wife, somehow preserved looking exactly as he remembered.[5]

According to Barnabas, Leda loved auloi, and remarked how her singing could rival that of the mythical sirens[2]. He also reminisced how, when Leda drank, she was a fighter par excellence.[5]



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