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This article is about Barnabas' daughter. For other uses, see Leda.

Leda of Ithaka was the daughter of Barnabas who lived during the Peloponnesian War.

Named after her mother, Leda took charge of protecting her mother's farm in the Sacred Plains of Demeter after her death.


Born after Leda and Barnabas were separated and lost track of each other, Leda was a young child as her mother remarried. They had a good life in Attika, with Leda's stepfather being good to both the mother and the daughter. As far as Barnabas was concerned, Leda was told he was a king who had died fighting the Hydra.[1]

After her mother died, Leda was left to tend the farm on her own. As a rich heiress, Leda was chased by men like Pelenos and Antikles, who repeatedly proposed to her. When she refused, they sent men to kill her. They tracked her to the depths of a cave near her farm, where she proceeded to fight and slay them.[1]

It was within that cave that she was rejoined with her father, thanks to the help of the Spartan misthios Kassandra. Together, they slew Pelenos and Antikles, celebrating afterwards at Leda's farm.[1]

Despite being overjoyed at meeting her father, Leda refused his and Kassandra's offer to join them on their ship, the Adrestia, as Leda believed it was her duty to honor her mother and the goddess Demeter by taking care of the farm.[1] Kassandra intervened, however, and burned down the silos of the farm, telling Leda it was a sign from Demeter herself to come and sail the seas with her father. Leda believed her, and joined the crew of the Adrestia.[2]


  • Leda carries a replica of the Hero's Sword. Even after the completion of Daddy's Home, when Kassandra receives the sword as a reward, Leda is shown carrying the blade.




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