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Leaderboard Update, also as known as the Leaderboard Event, is the downloadable content and second major update for Assassin's Creed: Identity.[1] It focuses on the competition ranking of the players in the worldwide. It includes new items and outfits. The update was released on July 7 2016. And the update is mandatory.[2]



Each Leaderboard shows the top 10 players in the particular category.

The Friends Leaderboard shows the top 10 Friends by the assassin of each player with the highest Item Power.

Likewise, there are Leaderboards for each of the five Heroic Ranks except Novice (Initiate, Disciple, Assassin, Veteran, Master). This shows the top 10 players in the world as ranked by their highest Item Power assassins.


Hero Token packages and lockpicks are available in the Heroic Shop. New packages are available in the shop.