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This article is about Ezio Auditore's memory in 1503. You may be looking for his memory from 1478.

Leader of the Pack was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After Ezio had funded the renovation of all the damaged aqueducts, he found an entrance to a Lair of Romulus located in the Cloaca Maxima.


Upon arriving in the Cloaca, Ezio eavesdropped on a conversation between two Borgia leaders and their captain.

  • Leader 1: We have recruited many new men to our cause.
  • Leader 2: I merely speak the name "Romulus" and they obey.
  • Captain: Bene. (Good.) Our prophecies move them, as predicted. Together, we will create a new religious harmony.

Ezio stepped out from behind his hiding spot and made his presence known.

  • Captain: Assassino! (Assassin!) Mobilize your followers!

The leader Ezio had been chasing ordered his followers to kill the Assassin.

  • Leader 2: We must kill the Assassin! Romulus demands it!

The captain and the other leader witnessed the fight from behind a grate, where the captain encouraged the followers to attack.

  • Captain: Show him the strength of our faith!
    The evil of the Assassins must be silenced!
    Do not let him get the upper hand! Deliver him to Romulus!
    His death will purify our lair!
    Feel the spirit of Romulus enter you! Use it to guide your swords!
    Kill him and Romulus will return to bless all of us!

Ezio killed the leader and several followers. To delay Ezio's advance, the captain sent more followers to attack him.

  • Captain: Spill his blood!

Ezio quickly killed the followers, and chased after the other leader. Arriving at the dwellings, the leader demanded help from his captain.

  • Leader 2: Wait for me!
  • Captain: Save yourself.

The captain ignored the plea for help, and threw a follower onto a scaffold, causing it to collapse. With nowhere to run, the other leader engaged Ezio in combat, along with his followers. Ezio killed all of them, and chased after the captain, eventually confronting him in the final room.

  • Captain: Your end is at hand, Assassin!

The captain ordered his followers to kill Ezio.

  • Captain: Appease Romulus! Kill him!
    Only Romulus can grant you peace.
    The Assassin! Kill him!
    A place in heaven awaits those who serve the wolf!
    Kill him and I will raise you up and teach you to speak to Romulus!
    Teach the unbeliever the truth!
    Romulus will punish those who do not fight!

Ezio defeated the attackers and confronted the captain once more.

  • Ezio: Did you learn all those lies from your Borgia masters?
  • Captain: I speak the truth, it is you who tell the people lies.
  • Ezio: Give me the code sheet.
  • Captain: All I will give you is death!

Ezio killed the captain and ventured forward to the shine dedicated to Romulus.


Ezio retrieved a key and a Scroll of Romulus, before making his way back to the streets of Rome.


  • There were three Borgia flags hidden in the area.
  • The entrance to the Lair of Romulus was the only one not located above ground.
    • It is possible to enter the lair without renovating the nearby aqueduct, through the use of the catch-back and climb-leap techniques.
  • Completion of the memory earns the 'Plumber' achievement. Its icon is of a pipe, strongly resembling those from the Super Mario series.


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