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Le Roi Est Mort was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno set out to assassinate the Roi des Thunes.


Arno observed a group of guards shoving beggars away.

  • Guard 1: Piss off, you lot!

He then observed beggars warming themselves by chimneys to the catacombs, and as he began his infiltration, other vagrants attempted to enter a church.

  • Guard 2: Where do you think you're going?
  • Beggar 1: I-it's time for Mass.
  • Guard 2: Your souls will keep. No one enters without His Grace's permission.
  • Beggar: But-
  • Guard 2: Get out of my sight, dog!

Arno overheard a pair of guards conversing.

  • Guard 3: Takes the chill right off, that does.
  • Guard 4: Why do you suppose it's so hot?
  • Guard 3: It's ventilation from the catacombs.
  • Guard 4: Huh. What do they need that for?
  • Guard 3: Because if they didn't, the whole place would fill with smoke.
  • Guard 4: Oh, ok. And that's bad, is it?
  • Guard 3: Yes, you could charitably describe it as bad.
  • Guard 4: All right, all right. We didn't all "study with the Montgolfiers before drink brought us to ruin," you know.
  • Guard 3: One time! One time I mentioned that!
  • Guard 4: Whatever you say, Professor.
  • Arno: Informative, to say the least.
  • Guard 5: More of His Grace's "special projects" on the streets these days.
  • Guard 6: I've scarcely made a (penny) all week. How the hell can I compete with triple amputees and "wounded veterans?"
  • Guard 5: Miss another tribute and you'll be remembering your own brave service at Grünberg.

Arno covered the chimneys, reducing visibility in the catacombs.

  • Arno: That should smoke them out.

The beggars began fighting the guards suppressing them.

  • Arno: Those bastards will cut them to ribbons.
    The poor devils are completely outmatched.
    They'll never suvive without help.

Arno killed the guards, prompting riots throughout the Cour des Miracles.

  • Beggar 2: Let's see the bastards push us around now!

The beggars found weapons.

  • Beggar 3: These'll do the trick.
  • Beggar 2: I want that one!
    Let's go!
    Come on!

Arno approached the sewer entrance.

  • Guard 7: Goddamn, that's a ripe whiff! Let's get out of here!
  • Guard 8: What do you expect? Some idiot dug too deep, broke through into the sewer.
  • Guard 7: Let's get out of here.

Arno entered the sewers.

  • Guard 9: What's happened?
  • Guard 10: The beggars! They're rioting all throughout the district. You men, with me!

As la Touche rushed into the Roi des Thunes' sanctum, Arno watched from afar.

  • La Touche: My lord! My lord! My lord! I've heard, uh, reliable reports that... That an Assassin is nearby, and that... you are his intended target.
  • Arno: The worm has grown a spine... now he's a snake.
  • Roi des Thunes: Damn it! It was only a matter of time, I knew that much. But this is far too soon.
  • La Touche: (Yes), my Lord... the Assassins are ah... well connected.
Le Roi Est Mort 9

The Roi des Thunes sending la Touche to kill Arno

  • Roi des Thunes: But we have the advantage now, don't we? Muster the guard and lead the hunt for this Assassin. Bring me his head.
  • La Touche: But my Lord! Half our men are out dealing with uprisings among the beggars!
    Y-You men, with me! Find him!
    Maybe he's given up...
    Where is he?
    Stay together, men!
    Spread out! Find him!
    Keep a watchful eye!
    Stay on your guard!
    Show yourself, Assassin!
    Do not let him pass!
    Come out, coward!

Arno encountered la Touche in the sewer tunnels, after which the man fled from him.

  • La Touche: He's through there!
  • Arno: Embarrassing.

Arno started making his way towards the Roi des Thunes.

  • Guard 11: Hold your positions, men.

Arno went to the chair of the Roi des Thunes and discovered the corpse of Brasseur .

  • Arno: That explains what happened to Beylier's last agent.

The Roi des Thunes spotted Arno and shot on him.

  • Roi des Thunes: Beylier's last apprentice brought me the most wonderful gift. I do hope you have something to compare.
  • Arno: (Shit)!
  • Roi des Thunes: Perhaps not as clever as you think?
    There you are.
    What trophy shall I take from you?
    Lovely to see you, Assassin.
    Tricky tricky, Assassin.
    (I see you.)
    Tut tut! Not so close!
    I should have known it would come to this.
    Still relying on those silly little hidden knives?
    So it is down to the two of us, Assassin.

Arno assassinated his target, initiating a vision brought about by his Eagle Vision.

Le Roi Est Mort 13

The Roi des Thunes offering his services to de la Serre

  • Roi des Thunes: My subjects have eyes everywhere, my lord. I offer their knowledge to the service of the Order.
  • De la Serre: What knowledge could a king of the gutters offer us? The intrigues of rats? You may go.

The vision shifted to the Roi des Thunes being approached by Charles Gabriel Sivert.

  • Roi des Thunes: "The intrigues of rats?" Pompous fool! If I could lay my hands on him...
  • Sivert: My master would be pleased to arrange that. Brother.

The vision shifted to de la Serre's assassination.

  • Arno: You all right, (Mister)? Too much of the king's champagne?
  • Roi des Thunes: Sivert, come away!

Following this, the vision shifted to the Roi des Thunes and Sivert reporting their success.

  • Sivert: It is done. De la Serre is dead... Grand Master.
  • Germain: Good.

The vision subsided, and Arno escaped from the sewers.

  • Guards: (Damn smoke!)
    Put out the torches!
    Bastard could be right under our noses...
    Someone douse the fires!
    How are we supposed to find anything in this?
    Can't see a damn thing in here.

He then met again with the Marquis de Sade.

Le Roi Est Mort 20

Arno finding de Sade

  • De Sade: Ah... You're just in time for the commencement of my reign.
  • Arno: Your reign?
  • De Sade: As long as there's a Cour des Miracles, we must have a Roi des Thunes. Since there seemed to be a vacancy, I stepped in.
  • Arno: With remarkable speed. The body is not yet cold.
  • De Sade: I may have set things in motion a trifle early. Say, when you first arrived in la Cour des Miracles.
  • Arno: You used me.
  • De Sade: Your target is dead? We used one another.

A goat walked past the two.

  • Arno: Quite a kingdom you've inherited.
  • De Sade: It is, isn't it? So... Is justice served? Are the dead avenged, is your soul soothed, all that rot?
  • Arno: Rot is a fine description. Every time I think I'm getting close to the truth, it seems another layer of filth presents itself.
  • De Sade: Conspiracy! Intrigue! A rapidly-thickening plot! Add some bestiality and a lecherous priest and I'd say you have the beginnings of a beautiful novel.
  • Arno: I'd settle for a solid lead.
  • De Sade: So young. And yet so serious. Well, best of luck to you.

Arno walked away.

  • De Sade: You have, I trust, looked into this?

De Sade showed Arno a Templar pin.

Le Roi Est Mort 22

De Sade showing Arno a Templar pin

  • Arno: Where did you get that?
  • De Sade: One of my newly loyal subjects brought it to me as a... token of esteem, as it were. It's a curious piece. I know of only one silversmith who works metal like this.
  • Arno: A blade of this make killed (Mister) de la Serre. I can only assume you know this already. Why didn't you say?
  • De Sade: Where would man be if he never had to ask questions? If everything he could ever want to know were simply handed to him? He might no longer think to ask questions.
  • Arno: Or he might accomplish a great deal more, unburdened by ignorance.
  • De Sade: Perhaps. The smith's name is François-Thomas Germain. You'll find his shop near Les Halles.
  • Arno: Thank you.
  • De Sade: (Good luck!)


Arno managed to assassinate the Roi des Thunes, and learned that François-Thomas Germain had crafted the pin used to kill François de la Serre.


  • The name of the memory, which is translated to 'The King is Dead', is a reference to a popular phrase used in France upon a monarch's death and replacement. This refers to the death of the Roi des Thunes, and the Marquis de Sade succeeding him.


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