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Le Marais (English: The Marsh) is a historic district of Paris, France. It was located in the north-east of the city and consisted of the Temple, Marais and Arsenal subdistricts. One major landmark was the Hôtel de Ville, which was the center of the Jacobin Club's Paris Commune.

Located in the heart of Paris, the district flourished as a fashionable area thanks to the aristocrats who lived there. Even after the nobility abandoned the district in the 18th century, the district retained its image as an aristocratic image.[1]

By the French Revolution, the abandoned warehouses were taken up by merchants to form warehouses or workshops while preserving the beautiful homes. As a result, the district inhabited by more modest people who kept shops or practiced craft trades, which in turn gave way to small factories and semi-industrialized trades of the 19th century.[1]







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