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Le Chasseur (French: The Hunter; unknown – 1756) was a French spy operating in New York and the North Atlantic during the Seven Years' War. He was also an ally of the Colonial Assassins.


Early life

A Frenchman of African descent, Le Chasseur became a spy for the Kingdom of France. He had allies both the Royal Navy and French Navy, as well as various pirates. At some point before 1752, Le Chasseur became an ally of the Colonial Assassin Brotherhood through his acquaintance, Chevalier de la Vérendrye.

Finding the Pieces of Eden

In 1752, Le Chasseur went aboard a Royal Navy ship of the line, where he stole plans for a Puckle gun. He also inspected the Precursor manuscript aboard the ship. The man who held the manuscript told him that he was sent by a man named Washington.

Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy 5

Le Chasseur meeting with the Assassins

In April of that year, Le Chasseur met with Chevalier and his fellow Assassins Shay Cormac and Liam O'Brien at Anticosti Island. Learning that Chevalier's fur trade was going poorly, Le Chasseur advised him to turn additional profits by plundering British brigs. He then told the Assassins of what he had learned aboard the ship. Shay pointed out that Washington was an important Templar, and he and Liam left to search for him.

Locating Smith

In May 1754, Le Chasseur met with Chevalier and Shay once more, this time at St. John's. There, Le Chasseur informed them that Samuel Smith, the custodian of the Precursor box had returned from Europe, and also showed them where to find him.

He then mentioned that he had made an engineer create Puckle guns for Shay's ship, the Morrigan.


By 1756, Le Chasseur served as the commander of Fort La Croix near Albany. He was tasked with delivering poisonous gasses to the Assassin-allied gangs of New York City, where they would be used against colonial authorities. Having defected to the Templars, Shay attacked the fort in order to remove the threat it posed towards nearby New York City. After infiltrating the stronghold and taking out scouts, Shay entered the war room and was shocked to find Le Chasseur there.

Circumstances 9

Le Chasseur's final moments

Duelling against his former ally, Shay attempted to convince Le Chasseur to back away. On hearing this, Le Chasseur claimed that he would have to report Shay's survival to the Assassins, who thought him dead. Emerging victorious, Shay asked the dying Le Chasseur why was operating on the mainland. Le Chasseur then informed Shay of his role in delivering the poisons, before succumbing to his wounds.

After British forces took over the fort, Shay realized that the Assassins would hunt him if they learned of his survival. His battle with Le Chasseur also caused him to question his defection to the Templars.



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