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Last of the Medjay was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek returned to the hideout beneath the Library of Alexandria to meet with Aya.


Bayek entered the hidden chamber under the library. He saw Aya and others preparing to leave Egypt. Aya noticed him.

  • Aya: Bayek, it has been too long.

Aya walked over to embrace Bayek.

  • Bayek: Flavius is dead. I have gone through shit to get our son out of the Duat. Khemu is at peace.
Origins Quest23LastOfTheMedjay Part02

Aya telling Bayek her plans

  • Aya: May he walk in the Field of Reeds.
    I head to Rome to-
  • Bayek: Rome? You still entertain folly with these ambitions.
  • Aya: I have made mistakes, you have made mistakes-

Brutus called out to Aya.

  • Brutus: Aya!
  • Bayek: You waste your energy!

Brutus walked towards both of them.

Origins Quest23LastOfTheMedjay Part03

Phoxidas, Brutus and Cassius making preparations to head to Rome

  • Brutus: Ah, you are the famous Medjay. Phanos never ceases to speak of your exploits.

Brutus led Bayek towards the table.

  • Aya: I have assembled a group.

Aya and Bayek walked to the main table and introduced him to Brutus and Cassius.

  • Aya: This is Brutus and Cassius. Our Roman brothers.
  • Phoxidas: We're going to cut these bastards down from across the seas. Septimius and Caesar.
  • Aya: The Order is no longer an Egyptian problem only.
  • Bayek: Does Cleopatra still rule?
  • Aya: There is no ruler in Egypt. Plunged into the will of various tyrants.
  • Phanos: Our queen has abandoned us for Rome. Nothing has changed here. Memphis is overrun by the Order. Aya, we need you.

With a glance at Bayek, Aya followed the others out of the Den. Bayek placed the relic into a chest, closed it, and thought.

Origins Quest23LastOfTheMedjay Part04

Bayek leaving the Apple of Eden in a chest

  • Bayek: I cannot end it like this. Aya... That cursed marked sphere should stay hidden forever. Caused so much pain.

Bayek followed the others out of the chamber. He found Aya on the shore, looking out at the sea, and approached her, crouching beside her.

  • Bayek: Our victories have multiplied, our bond not so.
  • Aya: We could never have been. Everything has told us our love is impossible.
  • Bayek: You were right: something bigger has called us. But our love lives in the Duat.
  • Aya: Only now we are letting go.

Bayek shook his head.

  • Bayek: Let the gods decide.

Aya stood up.

  • Aya: The gods are dead.

Bayek stood up as well and walked towards her.

  • Bayek: We must sacrifice our personal lives for the greater good. All this darkness was for a reason.
  • Aya: I was wrong to be so reckless in public with our killing. We must work in the shadows.
Origins Quest23LastOfTheMedjay Part05

Aya and Bayek discussing their new creed

Bayek nodded his head.

  • Bayek: Egypt has fallen. Greece also. And Rome will fall too. All will fall to the creed. Yet no one will know.
  • Aya: When we assassinate, we assassinate only those who deserve it. The few sick souls who try to control us... but they will never know who we are. Cold, calculated poets of the kill.
  • Bayek: I am fine with this. I am not a father anymore. I am not a husband. I am not a Medjay. I am a Hidden One.

Bayek took off his eagle skull necklace he had worn in remembrance of Khemu and dropped it to the sand.

  • Aya: Yes... We are the Hidden Ones.
  • Bayek: We sharpen our blades... and pull what hope is left from this foul earth.

Aya grabbed Bayek's arm.

  • Aya: Good, Bayek of Siwa. What are you of Now?
  • Bayek: A new creed. Ours is finished.

Bayek turned and left. Aya looked at the skull on the sand and picked it up. The print left by the skull served as the inspiration for the mark that would become the insignia of the Assassins.


Bayek and Aya separated, with her heading to Rome to eliminate Septimius and Caesar. The brotherhood became known as the Hidden Ones.



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