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This article is about the genetic memory of Arno Dorian. For other uses, see Last Rites.

Last Rites was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno and a fellow Assassin prevented the tax money from being stolen by Raiders.


Using crates and casks, a trio of Raiders were constructing a barricade on the main street of Franciade.

  • Raider 1: The funeral procession moves through the center of town today.

The convoy arrived near the city's gates.

  • Raider 2: It will be simple. We attack, they die, we are rich.
  • Raider 3: I'm not certain. Something doesn't sit right with me.
  • Raider 1: Perhaps that whore from last night... Heh ha ha ha.

The Raiders finished their work as the Assassins were watching them from the rooftops.

  • Arno: He should learn to trust his instincts.

More Raiders arrived and took positions, preparing to attack the convoy. As the groups of officials passed through the city, Arno and his fellow Assassin moved to kill the eight leaders of the Raiders in order to scare away their men before they could kill the three convoy guards, the ultimate defense of the officials. After the Assassins killed their targets, the remaining Raiders' forces began to use gas bombs on the convoy, and the Assassins moved to the three locations where the Raiders stocked the bombs in order to sabotage them.

  • Raider leader: Today's not Rousseau's day! Our benefactor has been generous to us! Each of you, get one and use it well! I'm the lord of hellfire! Let's bring them down fellas!

The Assassins killed the leaders and sabotaged the bombs, and the convoy set off again.

  • Guard: The road is clear! Let's head to Paris!

On the way to the city's opposite gate, Raiders hidden among the spectators on the road side broke cover and attacked the convoy until it reached the gate, but they were eliminated by the two Assassins.

  • Official: Finally. We can leave this wretched city. What did Rousseau have in mind when he lived in this rathole?


The Assassins protected the convoy from the thieves, and it left Franciade intact.

Behind the scenes

Unlike in the other Co-op missions, Bishop is not present to provide contextualization or additional commentary for the player.

Checkpoints are issued when the objective changes. If the memory is desynchronized, likely due to the cortege's guards being wiped out, the cortege's health will refill to max upon reloading the checkpoint. This should make it easier for solo players to complete the memory in a private session, as this has no effect on rewards.


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