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Last Man Standing was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Relieved that his father and two brothers would be released from prison, when Uberto Alberti, the Gonfaloniere of Florence, would submit the documents explaining a conspiracy against the city and the Auditore family, Ezio Auditore proceeded to the Palazzo della Signoria.


When Ezio approached the piazza, he was shocked to see his father and brothers each bound to a noose and ready to be executed. Uberto Alberti was seen standing on the platform, along with another man beside him, the very same man Ezio had seen at Uberto's house the previous night.

LMS 1 v

Uberto, sentencing Giovanni, Petruccio and Federico to death

  • Uberto: Giovanni Auditore, you and your accomplices stand accused of the crime of treason. Have you any evidence to counter this charge?
  • Giovanni: Yes. The documents that were delivered to you last night!
  • Uberto: I'm afraid I know nothing of these documents.

Ezio shouted from the crowd.

  • Ezio: He's lying.

He then uttered something to himself.

  • Ezio: I need to get closer!

No one could hear Ezio's words over the crowd's noise, so he forced himself to the front.

  • Uberto: In the absence of any compelling evidence to the contrary, I am bound to pronounce you... GUILTY. You and your collaborators are hereby sentenced to death.
  • Giovanni: You are a traitor, Uberto – and one of them! You may take our lives this day – but we will have yours in return! I swear! We wil–

Uberto signaled the guard to pull the lever. The Auditore men fell through the platform as the noose around each of their necks tightened, resulting in their demise.

LMS 3 v

Ezio's father and brothers being hanged

Shocked at seeing his family killed, Ezio rushed towards the stand and cried out.

  • Ezio: Father!

The man standing beside Uberto whispered into his ear upon seeing Ezio, to which the Gonfaloniere pointed him out to the guards.

  • Uberto: There! Grab the boy! He's one of them!

The guards soon restrained Ezio, who threw angry words at Uberto.

  • Ezio: I'll kill you for what you've done!

Ezio soon freed himself from the guards holding him and reached for his sword.

  • Uberto: Guards! Arrest him!

Ezio appeared afraid upon seeing armed guards approach him. Uberto ordered them to kill Ezio.

  • Uberto: Abbattetelo! (Put him down!)

A Brute disarmed Ezio and approached for the kill, when Ezio saw a thief and a courtesan in the crowd, the same people he had spoken to before.

  • Thief: You'd better run, boy. And fast!

Taking his advice, Ezio ran away from the piazza, trying to escape as the guards pursued him.


Giovanni Auditore and his two sons, Federico and Petruccio, were executed by Uberto Alberti. Ezio tried to attack him, but failed as he was disarmed by a burly guard. Following some advice from his father's associates, Ezio escaped to fight another day.


  • It was possible to successfully fight and survive the guards, rather than running away, though killing Uberto was impossible. Despite this, most of the time, three guards would respawn when only one guard was left.
  • Ezio could disarm the Brute, even before he was taught to do so by Mario Auditore.
  • When Ezio was disarmed by the Brute in the cutscene, the weapon shown was the Syrian Sabre, despite the fact that he was wielding the Common Sword at the time.
    • Also, the Common Sword could still be seen hanging at Ezio's side, but disappeared once he was disarmed.



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