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Last Days of the Taikō was an altered representation of one of Yamauchi Taka's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Ieyasu: You are the one they call Taka? Hanzo spoke highly of you.
  • Taka: I am. Hattori Hanzo was a good friend.
  • Ieyasu: To me as well. His death raises many questions. Did you investigate?
  • Taka: Yes, but found few answers. The fire left little in the way of evidence.
  • Ieyasu: What do you suspect?
  • Taka: Hanzo had plenty of rivals, but few with the will and resources to mount such an attack.
  • Ieyasu: Then the culprit is meaningless. We must focus on those who do have such resources and will. Only one name comes to mind.
  • Taka: You suspect Hideyoshi is behind this?
  • Ieyasu: I do, and I would use this travesty to rally more allies against the Toyotomi. But I require proof.
  • Taka: Where would you have me look?
  • Ieyasu: Date Masamune. He may serve the Toyotomi, but he has no love for them. Still, be cautious as you approach him. His single eye is sharp; more so than most others with a full pair.
  • Taka: As is his sword arm, from what I have heard.
  • Ieyasu: Also true. I hope that yours can match his, should it come to that.

Reaching Date Masamune

After having killed many samurai, ninja, and archers, Taka reached Date Masamune.

  • Taka: Masamune. I would ask you something.
  • Masamune: And I will not answer.
  • Taka: Are you not concerned with what I might ask?
  • Masamune: I already know. You ask me to betray my allegiances.
  • Taka: I seek information, not politics.
  • Masamune: You were sent here by Tokugawa Ieyasu, were you not?
  • Taka: Yes. To seek out whoever was responsible for Hattori Hanzo's death.
  • Masamune: Does he truly suspect me?
  • Taka: He suspects you might be able to lead me to the culprit.
  • Masamune: And if I refuse to talk?
  • Taka: Then you will know no quarter when Ieyasu lays claim to this land.
  • Masamune: Ha! So he's set his eyes on Hideyoshi. And I am just another bumbling fool standing in the way.
  • Taka: You're no fool.
  • Masamune: You are, if you thought it was going to be so simple.

Finding Toyotomi Hideyoshi

After having subdued Masamune and killed many guards, Taka reached Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

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