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This article, or article section, is non-canon. Although licensed by Ubisoft or their affiliates, the information that follows is not considered a part of the Assassin's Creed timeline.

Lara (born 2003) is a modern day member of the Assassin Brotherhood and a descendant of the 15th century Spanish Assassin María. After her family were killed, she was taken in by the Rikkin family, having a mother-daughter relationship with Sofia Rikkin.


Lara was born in 2003 and was unaware of her Assassin heritage. She was taken in and raised by the Rikkin family at an early age, and shared a mother-daughter relationship with Sofia. Sofia and her father Alan hoped to raise Lara as a Templar.[1]

By 2016, Lara and the Rikkin had moved to Madrid to the Abstergo Foundation Rehabilitation Center located there. One of the rules imposed on her was that she was not allowed into the common room. A rule she disobeyed when ex-convict Callum Lynch arrived at the facility in October. Feeling a familiar connection with the man, Lara made first contact by way of a paper fortune teller. Allowing Cal to pick his next questions, the final result was a drawing of Aguilar's necklace. Confused, Cal started strongly quizzing the girl how she knew about the necklace. At that moment McGowen and several other guards arrived to retrieve Lara. All Lara could reveal Cal is that Aguilar was teaching him. While being taken away, Lara dropped her drawing sketch book, which Cal promptly returned.[1]

In the following months, during another meeting, Lara sat outside the window of Cal's cell and drew in her sketch book. Touching hands through the glass, Lara saw a connection. Although she quickly left thereafter. Sometime later, Lara confronted Sofia with the knowledge that she was an Assassin. An acknowledgement that Sofia quickly dodges, Lara was then berated for disobeying the rule about the common room and told to stay away from the others.[1]

During the November riot of the facility, Lara stayed with Cal and the other Assassins as Sofia and Alan escaped via helicopter. Lara and Callum were then inducted into the Order by the others present. On 14 December, in London, Lara and Callum were together in a cafe prior to the planned assassination of Alan Rikkin. Again playing with her paper fortune teller, the answer she revealed the Cal was a drawing of an Apple. After the Assassins had infiltrated Holborn Hall and assassinated the Abstergo CEO, Lara together with Cal and the others fled via the rooftops before performing a Leap of Faith.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Lara was incredibly smart for her age, especially having grown up within the Rikkin household. From the special connection she sensed from Callum Lynch, Lara successfully deduced that she was also an Assassin. Lara was also known to show a somewhat childish side of her as when she would play with the paper fortune teller.[1]

Lara had her hair styled in half head braids. She wore the same clinical-like clothing as the rest of the Abstergo patients. Once an Assassin, Lara wore their completely black stealth robes.[1]

Equipment and skills

Lara always carried around with her a drawing sketch book and a paper fortune teller. Lara also appeared proficient at self defense as she was able to effortlessly sweep Callum off his feet with her leg.[1]

Behind the scenes

Lara was created for the 2016 Assassin's Creed film, played by Octavia-Selena Alexandru. However, the character was later edited out as director Justin Kurzel felt that Lara–who would have been a descendant of María–over complicated the relationship between Callum Lynch and Sofia Rikkin. Her scenes were included in the special features for the movie's home video release, but due to her appearing in cut content only, the character is non-canon.



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