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"I watch him bump into a merchant in the crowd. He is gone before the man turns. Next, a noble woman. A priest. He steals from five people before he is spotted."
―Fiora Cavazza observing Lanz while he pickpocketed civilians.[src]

Lanz (1480 – 1503) was the leader of a Rome-based gang of bandits and thieves, the Cento Occhi. Shortly after being discovered robbing a Borgia carriage, he began working for the Templars, under the command of Cesare Borgia.

In 2012, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the Templar company Abstergo Industries, in the first stage of training for their Animus recruits, under the title of the Footpad.[1]


Working for the Borgia

During his life, Lanz fell in love with a woman, and they were to have a child. However, the baby was miscarried and Lanz fell into a depression. Some time after, he joined up with the Cento Occhi gang, a gathering of young thieves that often clashed with the Roman Thieves Guild, and resorted to "pushing men from buildings." Some time later, he progressed to become the gang's leader.[2]

In 1502, he was visited by Fiora Cavazza, who had come representing Cesare Borgia, shortly after he and his gang had robbed a carriage belonging to the House of Borgia. At first, Lanz paid no mind to the woman, but he soon realized that she was aware that he was the one responsible after she threw a familiar knife at his feet. Fearing the Borgia, he offered to return the money, but was instead enlisted into their service, where he and the Cento Occhi would deliver several payments for them.[3]


Wife: "They say he kills now... pushes men from buildings! I tell them I don't believe it."
Ezio: "But you do."
—Lanz's wife speaking with Ezio, 1503[src]

That same year, Lanz's wife also fell into a depression and called for him to return to her, or she would take her own life. She stood upon a rooftop and planned to throw herself off when Lanz arrived, to remind him of the man he once was.[2]

However, the Assassin Ezio Auditore found her first, and was able to prevent her from committing suicide. He reassured her, saying that she should not take the responsibility for Lanz's deeds, and that he would take care of Lanz for her.[2]

Ezio searched the south-west tip of the Centro district for him, and eventually found Lanz free-running across the buildings. While he had spotted the Assassin and fled, Ezio pursued Lanz until he came within range, before assassinating him with his Hidden Blade.[2]


Behind the scenes

Lanz is nearly identical in appearance to Luis Chico, a contemporary thief who leads a gang from Madrid and features in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion. Their attire is remarkably similar, with identical jackets and trousers. Their short trousers even have the exact same tear, though on opposite legs. Moreover, both adorn hairstyles that allow their fringe to sweep over one side their bandannas. Their uncanny resemblance is reinforced by their gangs' identical names, albeit in different names: Lanz's Cento Occhi and Luis' Cien Ojos both translate to "Hundred Eyes". Both attempt to rob the Templars, but therein lies their marked contrast. Whereas Lanz is pardoned by the Templars and recruited into their order, Luis' friends are all killed in the failed heist leading to him joining the Assassins.