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"Things never really go as planned... but that's life."
―Lance to Connor over his relocation.[src]

Lance O'Donnell (fl. 1770 – 1781) was a carpenter and resident of the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolutionary War.


Early life and meeting Connor

Prior to his move to the Homestead, Lance was a carpenter residing in Boston, but as his views were not supportive of the British, he was forced out of his home and workshop by Loyalists. He then spent his time on the road, evading the British and moving from inn to inn.[1]

One day while traveling, Lance attracted the attention of four thugs who attempted to rob him. When they discovered he had little money, the bandits hung Lance from a steep rock face by his ankles and proceeded to burn his cart and carpentry equipment.[1]

The Assassin Connor discovered his predicament and dispatched the four ruffians. After hearing Lance's story, Connor offered him a place at the Davenport Homestead. Lance, intrigued, said that he would look into the prospects and later agreed, settling there.[1]

Life on the Homestead

Following his rescue, Lance converted wood collected by the lumberjacks Godfrey and Terry into items which Connor could later sell, gaining income for the Homestead.[2] One day, Lance requested Connor's assistance in retrieving his spare tools from his former shop in Boston so he could continue his work, to which the Assassin agreed.[3]

While awaiting Connor's arrival, Lance attempted to avoid contact with his former neighbors, who had ill feelings toward him. The pair traveled to Lance's shop, only to find that it had been sold three weeks prior by Lance's former apprentice, Patrick O'Hara.[3]

Outraged, Lance confronted Patrick, who revealed that he had believed Lance abandoned the shop, prompting him to sell everything. Lance was skeptical of Patrick's claim, saying that tools were a woodworker's "lifeblood", and suggested that Patrick had stashed them somewhere for himself. Lance and Connor tailed Patrick, discovering his stash and his plan to leave town with the tools.[3]

When the coast was clear, Lance and Connor looted the stash, retrieving the tools before returning to the Homestead.[3]

Plans from France

Expecting a package from France that was long overdue, Lance asked Connor to look into the matter, saying that the parcel was supposed to have arrived in New York. When Connor arrived, the postmaster revealed that the package had been signed for and taken by Patrick a few days before. The man also noted O'Hara's whereabouts, at the nearby docks with several companions.[4]

Patrick, upon noticing Connor's presence, ordered his men to hide the contents of the shipment, though Connor recovered the items regardless. When Connor returned with the parcel, Lance revealed it to contain drafts for a folding chair which he invented.[4]

Later, while sorting though the plans, Lance discovered blueprints for a Flying Machine invented by Leonardo da Vinci. Lance constructed the Flying Machine and allowed Connor to test it; the first attempt resulted in the invention crashing into the Homestead's bay, due to the lack of concentrated heat that needed to keep it in the air.[2]

Within the plans, was also a design for a folding chair. Connor, failing to see the importance of such a design, inquired into why Lance appeared so excited, to which Lance replied that it would make him rich.[2]

Later life

Lance later attended Norris and Myriam's wedding, celebrating at the Mile's End afterward.[5] He also was present at the funeral of Achilles Davenport, laying a rose on his coffin.[6]


  • Lance smoked a pipe, as he was seen puffing on one on his workshop's roof from time to time.
  • Lance could be seen walking throughout the Homestead with a mug in his hand and could often be found lounging in the Mile's End.