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Lambeth Asylum

The Lambeth Asylum was a hospital situated in the borough of Lambeth, London during the 19th century.


Lambeth Asylum was designed by the architect Arthur Hayes, his first and only project, in 1850. Unlike other hospitals, the asylum was largely undocumented, with its records of treatment administered there vague. Arthur was later admitted into the hospital himself by his son, Arthur Hayes Jr., who believed his father to be Antichrist.[1] The hospital was financially supported by the Templars.[2]

Sometime during the 19th century, the Templar John Elliotson, who worked in the asylum, distributed the drug Starrick's Soothing Syrup to its patients. Elliotson also conducted brutal experiments involving electrocution. In 1868, the Assassin Jacob Frye infiltrated the asylum to assassinate Elliotson.[2]

Not much later, Jacob's twin sister Evie Frye and their young accomplice Clara O'Dea visited the asylum to find a cure for Babylon Alley's children. Clara herself had contracted the disease and, with the assistance of Florence Nightingale, Evie managed to find the cure.[2]

Following the assassination Crawford Starrick, the institution's sole benefactor, the asylum closed its doors in January 1869.[1] Jacob Frye recruited at least one of the inmates of the asylum into the Assassin Brotherhood.[3]

A few years later, the asylum was reopened and partially rehabilitated to receive a growing number of violent criminals, most of which were from the borough of Whitechapel.[4]

Two decades later, a former inmate of the asylum committed several gruesome murders, and became widely known as Jack the Ripper. When he found his Terror challenged by Evie Frye, who had recently returned from India, Jack traveled to the asylum to assassinate his old doctor and nurse, as well as the director of the facility, destroying all record of his existence.[3]

He then freed the inmates of the G Wing, which were all notoriously violent criminals, as part of his plan to ambush Evie. Eventually, the two confronted each other in the asylum's basement, where Jack had previously locked up a kidnapped Jacob Frye. Evie managed to defeat and kill Jack, and free Jacob. With the help of Inspector Abberline, they made sure no one ever learned of what had transpired, making Jack the Ripper into the mystery that he is.[3]





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