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"Who would have imagined the war would reach Lalaia?"


Lalaia was an ancient Greek village located in a valley in Phokis.

Named after the nymph Lalaia, a daughter of the river god Kephisos, the village was built near a spring the nymph was believed to protect, and one of the rivers originating from the spring ran through the city.[1][2]


During the Peloponnesian War, the village residents were continuously harassed by the Sons of Xerxes, a group of Persian soldiers who remained in Greece after the Persian defeat and retreat during the Greco-Persian Wars. The village's male population had to deal with the frequent Persian raids and mostly ended up either captured or killed, leaving the female population to fend for themselves. Thyia, the sister of the village's magistrate Periktione, took up the role of acting general, to defend the village.[3]

As the women were not trained to fight or defend themselves, Periktione sought the aid of the Spartan misthios Kassandra to help them against the Sons of Xerxes.[4]

Behind the scenes

Historically, Lalaia was an important Phokian town and a polis, and was destroyed by Philip II of Macedon in 346 BCE during the Third Sacred War.




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