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This article is about the warship. You may be looking for Lakonia, a region of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece.
"Designed by a master builder from Gythion, the lavishly expensive Lakonia was Sparta's newest attempt to crush the Athenian navy. From stories told, it seemed to be worth the drachmae."
―Description of the ship on the message board[src]

The Lakonia at sea

The Lakonia was a war trireme constructed by the Spartan navy deployed during the Peloponnesian War.


Designed by an unnamed master builder from the Village of Gytheion, the trireme was lavishly designed with bright red sails and an eagle figurehead in an attempt to crush the Athenian navy.[1]

However between 429 and 422 BCE, the trireme was destroyed by the Adrestia commanded by the misthios Kassandra, who claimed the ship's sails and finery for her own.[1]




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