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This article is about the region in the Peloponnese. You may be looking for Lakonia, a Spartan warship.
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The banner of Lakonia

Lakonia, alternatively Laconia but also called the Hollow Land, is a regional unit of Greece situated in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese. Its capital was the city of Sparta, whose militaristic tradition made it one of the most powerful poleis in the 5th century BCE.[1][2]


Lakonia's self-sufficient land, blessed with many rivers and an extensive range of flora, helped sustain its people's independent culture. Bounded to the west by Mount Taygetos, to the east by Mount Parnon, and to the north by highlands, the nation was gifted with natural defenses which only served to reinforce Sparta's military might.[1]


The region of Lakonia was made up of ten smaller regions:


  • The emblem of Lakonia is the uppercase Greek letter lambda, Λ. In addition to adorning the banners of Lakonia and Sparta, it is also heavily used to adorn armor associated with the region.



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