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ACO Lakeside Villa Outpost

Lakeside Villa Outpost

The Lakeside Villa Outpost was a villa located in the countryside southwest of Alexandria, Egypt and off the coast of Lake Mareotis that was owned by the wealthy Alexandrian Sophronios. Aside from serving as a rural retreat, the villa was also used as an outpost for Sophronios's henchmen.


In 48 BCE, Sophronios plotted against the date farmer Uteh, hoping to seize his farm for his own profit. When Uteh refused Sophronios's false deed of sale, the Alexandrian resorted to violence, enlisting the services of soldiers, the captain of whom was given permission to use the villa as a base. From this outpost, his soldiers carried out a raid on Uteh's farm, slaughtering the entire family and razing it to the ground. Uteh's daughter, Iras, survived, however, and when the Medjay Bayek saved her from soldiers that had returned to finish her, she directed him to Sophronios's villa to find a lead on his whereabouts. Infiltrating the villa, Bayek sneaked into one of the tents in the courtyard and uncovered a message from Sophronios to his captain which happened to hint at his residence. Before proceeding to Alexandria to kill Sophronios, he also assassinated the captain himself at the outpost.[1]



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