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This article is about the memory of Ratonhnhaké:ton. You may be looking for the memory of Bayek.

Laid to Rest was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor set out to kill Charles Lee at Haytham Kenway's funeral.


  • Connor: My father is dead. Charles Lee now leads the Templar Order in his place. I see now why ours is an eternal war. For each piece taken from the board, another is placed upon it. Back and forth we go. Across the world. Across the ages. Some days, mine feels an impossible task, but I cannot afford to be consumed with doubt. The people need me. Now, more than ever. I must stop the Templars. I will kill Charles Lee.

Connor moved towards the funeral.

  • Charles: We gather today to remember a man of peerless vision, who sought to change the world. And change the world he did. Look around. Even now the British prepare to retreat - their spirits broken - their forces splintered. The Patriot leadership shall soon follow - either into our service or into the ground. And then, my friends, all of this will finally be ours! We have Haytham to thank for this. He and all those others who sacrificed for our cause. But he was not content merely to save the people of America, no, he sought to save those sworn to our destruction. He sought to save the Assassins. Aye. It seems a mad thing, now. And it cost him his life. The Assassins are a cruel and terrible coven. They speak only the language of death. Too late he learned the truth of this. Murdered by his own son. He gave his life as he lived, in service to a dream we all share. And so we must fight on. We will vanquish our enemies. We will spread our word. And in time, my brothers and sisters, in time we will have our New World.

Connor was captured and brought before Charles.

  • Charles: He sent me away... That day at Fort George. He feared for my safety. I should have stayed. He said there was no danger.
ACIII-Rest 3

Charles Lee threatening Connor

  • Connor: He was wrong.
  • Charles: I will kill you, Connor. This, I swear. Not here, though. Not today. No... First - first I'll destroy all you hold dear. I'll burn that homestead of yours to the ground - and roast the severed heads of your precious "founding fathers" in its flames. And when I've finished with them, all the rest will burn as well. Your merry band of Assassins. The human refuse that lives on your land. Your village and its people. All of it - gone!
  • Connor: You can try, Charles. But as with all your schemes, this too will end in failure.
  • Charles: Get him on his feet. He will wait. He will watch. And then - when he's seen all his life's work brought to ruin... Only then will I allow him to die. Take him away.

The soldiers took Connor away and started beating him up.

  • Soldier: I could do this all day. In fact, I think I will!

Connor fought himself free.

  • Connor: Where is Charles Lee gone?
  • Mercenary: The harbor... to catch a ferry...

Connor then made his way to HMS Jersey, where he overheard a conversation between the captain and two mercenaries working for Charles Lee.

ACIII-Rest 5

Lee's mercenary aboard the HMS Jersey

  • Captain: I believe these men meet your requirements.
  • Mercenary: You believe incorrectly. They're sick and weak. We're looking to build an army, not fill an almshouse.
  • Mercenary: It would take months to get them into fighting shape. We don't have the time.
  • Prisoner: No. Please. We'll do anything you want. Anything! Only take us with you!
  • Captain: Quiet, whelp!
  • Mercenary: Your merchandise is useless to us.
  • Captain: Perhaps we should discuss this back in my cabin?

The men moved to the cabin, where Connor overheard them again.

  • Captain: I am sorry to have disappointed.
  • Mercenary: As you should be. For us to have come all this way for nothing... Tell me now why I shouldn't have you thrown into the sea.
  • Captain: No need to be rash. Only give me a little more time. I'll scour the other ships if I must. I'm certain there are prisoners who will meet your needs.
  • Mercenary: Very well. You have two days.
  • Captain: Thank you.
  • Mercenary: Present yourself to the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston with the men you've chosen. We shall meet you there along with our master.


Connor discovered where he could find Charles Lee.


  • In this memory, the use of fists to knock out enemies is counted as a kill as well. However, the use of Assassin recruits is not considered a kill. in the Remastered this is corrected Connor can kill the Lee's Men this was however changed to Limit Regular 0/3 Kills on HMS Jersey.



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