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ACO Hippodrome

Lageion Hippodrome

The Lageion Hippodrome[1], also known as the Hippodrome of Alexandria was a hippodrome located between Alexandria and Kanopos in Egypt. As the only hippodrome in Egypt, it was named in honor of Lagos, the father of Ptolemy I Soter.[2]

During the 1th century BCE, it was home to several racing teams, including the Veneta Blue and the Prasina Green, under whose banner the Medjay Bayek of Siwa took part in various races in the stadium.


In 48 BCE, Bayek met with Machus, one of Apollodorus' informants outside the hippodrome. There, Machus directed Bayek to meet Apollodorus at the lighthouse near Kanopos.[3] Shortly afterwards, Bayek reunited with Claridas, a childhood friend of his who had left Siwa years prior and became a hippodrome racer.[4]




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