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Lady of Slaughter was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Yamu's recreation of the battle between Sekhmet and Isfet is jeopardized by the absence of Sekhmet's fighter, and it's up to Bayek to help.


Bayek returned to Menehet after destroying the caches of false religious icons in the Eremos Hideout.

  • Menehet: Tonight we will stage a grand spectacle. Our goddess Sekhmet defends the people against Isfet's chaos. But Pamu, our champion, is nowhere to be found! The high priest will judge me responsible for his absence!
  • Bayek: I'll have a look.
  • Menehet: Sekhmet bless you! His home is near the market... but check the tavern first. It pains me to ask for a further favor...
    Pamu does like a drink now and again.
ACO Lady of Slaughter - Bayek Finding Pamu

Bayek finding Pamu

Bayek visited the tavern, looking for Pamu. He found Pamu drunk and nearly naked.

  • Bayek: This must be Pamu. Ugh. The man stinks of beer.

Bayek lifted Pamu to his back.

  • Woman: Oh, thank you. I've been trying to get him to leave for hours.

Bayek brought Pamu back to Menehet in the temple.

  • Bayek: Menehet...
  • Menehet: That is Pamu! What has happened to him?!
  • Bayek: His passion for toasting Sekhmet has exceeded his head for drink.
  • Menehet: This is a disaster! People have come from the Red Land and the Black to see him fight!
  • Bayek: If a fight is all that's needed, I could replace him.
  • Menehet: Of course, Medjay! You honor yourself in saving me from disgrace. Speak to the High Priest in the temple courtyard. He will take care of the rest.
ACO Lady of Slaughter - Bayek Speaking To High Priest

Bayek speaking to the High Priest

Bayek found the High Priest in the courtyard and spoke to him.

  • Bayek: Your Holiness, I am here to fight for Sekhmet.
  • High Priest: You're not Pamu. He was meant to play Sekhmet.
  • Bayek: Pamu is... ill. He's recovering at the temple.
  • High Priest: Fine. Follow me.

At night, the festival commenced. The High Priest addressed the audience, preparing them for the spectacle.

  • High Priest: Beloved of Sekhmet, who illuminates the Double Land with her flame...

Bayek donned the outfit of Sekhmet and was guided by Menehet to the courtyard.

  • Menehet: Though this is a friendly bout, you must stay vigilant.
  • Bayek: Do not fear. Sekhmet will receive a fine tribute.
  • High Priest: We give thanks for your presence on this sacred night. We invite your witness on the solemnity of our customs. We unveil to you a ritual that has guarded us for century upon century.
  • Menehet: For about five years, really.

Bayek laughed.

  • High Priest: Make every eye to look upon the warrior for whom the two skies open. Sekhmet, Lady of Slaughter! The light rises with Sekhmet and falls as she falls.
ACO Lady of Slaughter - High Priest Addressing Crowd

The High Priest addressing the crowd

Bayek arrived at the courtyard, where a fighter presenting Isfet awaited.

  • High Priest: Should malice cling too strongly to your hearts, Isfet, the Evil One... shall smite the Goddess and condemn Yamu to a hundred seasons of darkness!

Menehet handed Bayek a staff.

  • High Priest: But... should your hearts be pure—The Goddess shall favor us, shielding us from the obscurity of chaos.
ACO Lady of Slaughter - Isfet Fighter

The Isfet Fighter

The fight began. The High Priest narrated the fight to the audience.

  • High Priest: Let the battle begin! Since a time unknown, Sekhmet the Lioness has shielded us from Isfet's greed. Isfet was once husband to Ma'at, Goddess of Order. Tampering with her Scales of Judgement, he grew fat on the souls of mortals. Ma'at cast him out of the Hall of Justice. In his hunger, he returned. But Sekhmet knew his heart, and guarded the door against him. Their battle lasted twenty days and nights before Sekhmet subdued the Lord of Chaos.

Bayek landed a blow on the fighter.

  • High Priest: The warrior of Sekhmet beats back chaos!
    Look, his weapon is bathed in Sekhmet's fire!
    The Lioness's fangs will cleave the darkness!
    Sekhmet's might enlivens your arm!
    In thy chest glows the red heart of the Goddess's flame.
    See how Sekhmet imbues her beloved with power!
  • Audience: May Sekhmet protect us!
    Sekhmet, chase away our bad luck!
    Wait, which one is Sekhmet and which one is Isfet?
    Isfet will fall before the Goddess!
    You can do it!
    I've bet on Sekhmet! Her fighter can't lose!
    Sekhmet, grant us to live!
  • Child: You have to win, Uncle!
    Watch out, Uncle! Isfet is strong!
ACO Lady of Slaughter - Parting Ways

Bayek parting ways with Menehet

Bayek defeated the fighter. After the fight, Bayek removed the Sekhmet outfit and spoke to Menehet.

  • Menehet: I could swear you were the Blood-Eater herself!
  • Bayek: Ha! The priest's recounting of the battle between the Goddess and Isfet was new to me.
  • Menehet: It is a tale of his own invention! You will not hear it outside Yamu.
    Would that you'd agree to stay with us longer... but I know that greater duties call you.
  • Bayek: I'll say goodbye to the children before I leave.
  • Menehet: Do so; they'll miss you. You are always welcome in Yamu, whenever your journeys bring you to our nome.
    Keep the mask and staff of the goddess as poor tokens of our respect.

Bayek found Menehet's children to say goodbye to them.

  • Bayek: Goodbye, Soris. I'll give you a lesson in swordplay on my next visit.
  • Soris: Yeah! You are so good at fighting!
  • Bayek: Keba, some advice – go nowhere from which you cannot return.
  • Keba: Yes, Uncle Bayek.
  • Bayek: May your eyes remain on the stars, Hasina.
  • Hasina: They will. Don't worry!
  • Bayek: Your knowledge is like a chest of books, Nailah. Share it carefully!
  • Nailah: I'm always careful!


Bayek volunteered to potray Sekhmet in place of Pamu, allowing the festival to go on as planned and become a success.



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