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"The inn looks perfect. No one will ever suspect its real purpose."
―Ezio Auditore on La Volpe Addormentata.[src]

La Volpe Addormentata (English: The Sleeping Fox) was the headquarters of the thieves of Rome, who were led by La Volpe.

The building was disguised as an inn to keep the Borgia's suspicions to a minimum, and it served as a part of Rome's underground which closely aided the Assassin Order.


In 1500, La Volpe and his guild had begun considering repairing an old building for their base of operations. Upon allying themselves with the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who provided them with advice and funding for the renovations, the building was remade into La Volpe Addormentata.[1]

La Volpe Addormentata then became the hub for intelligence gathering, particularly that which could be used in the campaign against the Borgia; such as the movements of Cesare Borgia's generals, and the location of an Apple of Eden. In return, Ezio often visited the guild to aid in their battle against their rival gang, the Cento Occhi.[1]

To mask its function as the thief headquarters, La Volpe Addormentata acted primarily as an inn and bar, and even hosted local guards as its patrons. Gambling was also a main attraction in the inn, though La Volpe ensured that the Borgia guards would always lose.[1]


  • La Volpe Addormentata was also a viewpoint location, but one could only synchronize with it after the building was renovated.
  • La Volpe Addormentata's interior would change after downloading The Da Vinci Disappearance downloadable content. A game of Hazard was added, as were several more patrons, and a courtesan dancing on a table.
  • Unlike the other guild leaders, La Volpe could not be approached directly. Instead, Ezio needed to interact with objects in La Volpe Addormentata as he waited for La Volpe to come to him.
  • Civilians outside La Volpe Addormentata could be heard cheering La Volpe's name.




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