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La Volpe's Bite

La Volpe's Bite was a sword given to the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, by his friend La Volpe as a reward for completing all challenges set to him by La Volpe's Roman Thieves' Guild. After losing the Sword of Altaïr in the Fall of Monteriggioni, La Volpe's Bite temporarily became the strongest sword in Ezio's arsenal during his campaign in Rome until he re-obtained the Sword of Altaïr.


Identical to the sword of the 13th century Templar Grand Master Armand Bouchart,[1] La Volpe's Bite bore a simple, oval pommel and plain leather hilt, yet its straight, double-edged blade was large and rather grandiose in profile. It tapered forwards to a prominently keen end while at its rear, it receded dramatically for its tang, a shape that gave the impression that the blade sprouted from the crossguard. This crossguard was as simple as its hilt, being no more than a metal bar that curved upwards smoothly as though to form a semi-circle.[2]

Although its model dates to the 13th century, La Volpe's Bite was almost unrivaled at its time in the early 16th century. Despite its great blade, it was one of the lightest and swiftest of swords. At the time, its design was excellent for parrying, and its only flaw was in its average keenness.[2]


Originally owned by La Volpe, an Assassin in the Italian Brotherhood, La Volpe's Bite was bestowed upon Ezio Auditore da Firenze as a reward for accomplishing all the challenges La Volpe's Thieves Guild had set for him. This was sometime from 1500 to 1503, when Ezio took it upon himself to develop the Assassin Brotherhood in Rome in a concerted campaign to liberate the city from the Borgia Templars. Because Ezio had lost the Sword of Altaïr when Monteriggioni fell to Cesare Borgia in January 1500, La Volpe's Bite temporarily served as one of his deadliest of weapons until he found the means to regain Altaïr's sword through his Assassin Guild.[2]

Weapon statistics[]

Damage Speed Deflect Cost Availability
3 5 5 N/A Complete all Thieves Guild challenges