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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the building.

La Halle aux Blés was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno made his way to the Halle aux Blés to figure out what Chrétien Lafrenière was planning.


Arno made his way to his destination.

  • Arno: All right, Lafrenière. Where are you hiding?

Arno started infiltrating the building.

  • Guard 1: Bloody miserable draft.
  • Guard 2: What good's a ceiling that can't even keep the rain off you?
  • Guard 3: Psst. Look what I've got.
  • Guard 4: Is that...?
  • Guard 3: The '74 Château d'If. Just the thing to make guard duty bearable.
  • Guard 4: If the captain sees....
  • Guard 3: Then we take it round the back. Anyone asks, we saw an unguarded entrance and decided to plug the gap in security.
  • Guard 4: "Plug a gap in security." I like that.
  • Guard 5: With all this, we could take on an army.
  • Guard 6: Like to see them try and stop us.
  • Guard 7: Where are we supposed to put all these?
  • Guard 8: Don't even think about lighting a pipe in here.

Arno inspected the stock.

  • Arno: That is a distressingly large number of gunpowder. Lafrenière must be planning something big.
    Guns from Bavaria. Hm.

Arno discovered a ledger.

  • Arno: Whatever he's planning, it's big. And now I know where to find you, "Grand Master."

Arno looked at the gunpowder barrels.

  • Arno: It hardly seems safe just to leave these lying around.

Arno started several fires.

ACU La Halle aux Blés 2

Arno viewing the destruction

  • Guard 9: (Good God!)
  • Guard 10: The powder stores! They're going to blow!
  • Arno: No, of course it can't be that easy, can it?

Arno started making his way out of the building, dodging fires and explosions.

  • Arno: Maybe I should have thought this through...
    Up is good.

As he climbed on top of the building, an explosion plunged Arno onto the Medici Tower.

  • Arno: Hide in plain sight. Right.


Arno destroyed Lafrenière's gunpowder supply and discovered where to find his target.


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