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This article is about one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories. You may be looking for the group of islands of the same name.

La Boca del Diablo was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having discovered the location from a message encrypted by La Buse, Alonzo traveled to La Boca del Diablo to ascertain the whereabouts of the Fragment of Eden.


Alonzo arrived near to a beach, as night loomed overhead.

  • Alonzo: We're closer to this godforsaken place than I ever want to be...
  • Jumao: I hope we find La Buse before the mountain starts spitting fire!
  • Aaminah: I see a ship over there!... Fishermen! They must have seen something!
  • Alonzo: Only one way to find out!

Alonzo sailed ahead to question the fishermen.


Alonzo sailing to the fisherwoman

  • Alonzo: Hello, madam! Did you see a ship pass through here?... A black ship with black sails?
  • Fisherwoman: I did see this ship... It sailed to the north... and fast... Another ship was chasing it.
  • Alonzo: Another ship?
  • Fisherwoman: A Spanish warship... The largest I ever saw!
  • Alonzo: Thanks, friend!

Alonzo set out to find La Buse. At the first location, he found only naval mines.

  • Alonzo: Only mines! I have no time for this!
  • Jumao: Keep searching, captain... we'll find him!

Sailing to the second spot, Alonzo saw only two Spanish ships, with no trace of La Buse.

  • Alonzo: I don't see his ship...
  • Jumao: But I see merchants. We might as well fill up on supplies, captain!

At the third spot, he discovered a lighthouse.

  • Alonzo: This is just an abandoned lighthouse...

Alonzo discovering the wreck of Le Postillon

Finally, Alonzo reached the last spot, where he saw the wrecked remains of La Buse's ship, Le Postillon.

  • Aaminah: Alonzo... this is La Buse's ship, Le Postillon...
  • Alonzo: When I find the cursed coward who did this... I'll drown him in his own blood!
  • Jumao: The wreck still burns, captain!... The enemy ship isn't far!... Use your spyglass!

Alonzo spotted a frigate in the distance.

  • Alonzo: Here you are, you bilge rat!

At once, Alonzo sped after the unknown vessel, dodging past naval mines to reach it.

  • Jumao: I know this ship! It's the pirate with the black beard... the man who helped us fight the man o'war!

Alonzo pursuing Thatch

  • Alonzo: He must know what has happened to La Buse!

Alonzo sidled his ship alongside Edward Thatch's vessel.

  • Thatch: Ahoy, wretched soul!... What are you doing so close to the devil mountain?
  • Alonzo: Looking for the man who killed my friend... and stole my treasure!
  • Thatch: A pirate killer? Blast!... First Bellamy, and then La Buse!
  • Alonzo: Bellamy's dead?
  • Thatch: Feeding the fish near Cape Cod... Sunk, ship and crew, in a terrible storm!
  • Alonzo: He was on a mission to buy us time! Someone must have killed him!
  • Thatch: Sam was my friend, boy... If someone murdered him, I'll crack his skull and piss in it!
  • Alonzo: We should investigate La Buse's wreck for clues! I'm sure their deaths are connected!

The two pirates sailed back to La Buse's shipwreck to investigate, finding a set of lost files.


Alonzo and Thatch sailing towards the wreck

  • Alonzo: La Buse was attacked by the Templars!
  • Thatch: Templars? Who the hell are they? Knights? Here, in the Caribbean?
  • Alonzo: Yes! They plan to kill all pirates and take control of these seas!
  • Thatch: They won't have Nassau!... I won't let them take down our republic! Not while I draw breath!
  • Alonzo: You give them hell while I find the man who murdered my friend!
  • Thatch: You should search the slaver fort on the other side of the mountain! People say it's this place that gave the island its name!... Not the god damned mountain!

While Thatch departed to protect Nassau, Alonzo headed straight for the fort.

  • Aaminah: The fort is heavily defended! The cannons will never let us get close!
  • Alonzo: I'll destroy everything that stands in my way! The whole mountain if it comes to that!

Alonzo shot out all fourteen of the fort's mortars with his swivel gun.

  • Jumao: Captain! A ship is trying to escape!
  • Alonzo: The Templars are trying to flee with the Fragment! All hands on deck! Full sail!

The ship fleeing the fort

Alonzo chased after the vessel, weaving around the naval mines it dropped behind, before eventually gaining on her and discovering the captain to be none other than the merchant Barnes.

  • Barnes: You'll pay for this, scum!... Do you have any idea who you're stealing from?!
  • Alonzo: Yes, I do. And yet... I steal!
  • Barnes: You!... You're supposed to be dead!
  • Alonzo: And you will be soon.
  • Barnes: Please... please don't kill me! I am only a messenger... I... I don't know of any...
  • Alonzo: Hand me the relic you stole after killing my friend!
  • Barnes: No! Your friend's not dead... he escaped! He used it... he used the relic!
  • Alonzo: Don't lie, coward! I saw the wreck!
  • Barnes: I speak the truth!... He sailed away aboard one of our ships after killing our men! This is the only thing we took from him! You can have it... it's gibberish!
  • Alonzo: Get out of here and never show your face again!... Our next meeting will be our last!

Aaminah and Alonzo examined the book that the latter had received from Captain Barnes.

  • Aaminah: What is this book? A journal?
  • Alonzo: Some sort of codex... a set of signs and alphabets.
  • Aaminah: Maybe it will decipher La Buse's message?
  • Alonzo: You're right!... I can decode his cryptogram!
  • Aaminah: Can you recall of a time when I was wrong?
  • Alonzo: He's saying he's on the run from the Templars...
  • Aaminah: Where is he going?
  • Alonzo: To an island, not far from here... Mayaguana! He plans to leave the Caribbean!


Having initially arrived at La Boca del Diablo to locate La Buse, things soon became complicated: Alonzo discovered La Buse's ship, Le Postillon, to be shipwrecked, initially believing his friend to have died. Locating a nearby ship which happened to be Edward Thatch's frigate, Alonzo chased it down and had a conversation with Thatch, where he learned of Samuel Bellamy's demise.

Upon investigating Le Postillon's wreckage, Alonzo learned that La Buse had specifically been targeted by the Templars, and then took out his rage on a nearby slaver fort, incapacitating all of its mortar cannons. In his angered state, Alonzo further pursued a small vessel attempting to escape, mistaking it to be carrying the Fragment, and intimidated Captain Barnes into revealing that La Buse was in fact alive, having utilized the Fragment to secure another ship and escape.

While at first prepared to kill Barnes, Alonzo relented and showed mercy upon being given a journal of La Buse's, containing the solution to the latter's invented encryption. It was from this journal and the coded letter he received beforehand that enabled Alonzo to learn of La Buse's next step: the pirate was sailing for Mayaguana, in order to leave the Caribbean.


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