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"An island, captain! A place... as fiery as your temper!... A mountain of fire!"
―Aaminah describing La Boca del Diablo to her captain, Alonzo Batilla.[src]

La Boca del Diablo

La Boca del Diablo (English: The Devil's Mouth) is a group of islands located off the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Located on one of the islands is an active volcano.


In 1717, the French pirate Alonzo Batilla was searching for Olivier Levasseur at La Boca del Diablo after he had mysteriously dissappeared while guarding the Fragment of Eden. However, Alonzo was unsuccesful and only found the wreck of Levasseur's ship, Le Postillon. Following Edward Thatch's advice, Alonzo subsequently attacked a fort located on the island.



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