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La Belladonna

La Belladonna was one of the first French ships that carried aid to the Continental Army, even starting before France officially joined the Revolution. Before she left France, La Belladonna was repainted as a Spanish vessel to keep her destination and origin secret.[1]

Her cargo was deemed important enough for her to be escorted by the USS Randolph, the Continental flagship captained by Nicholas Biddle. The USS Randolph, however, abandoned La Belladonna in the Bahamas after two weeks, leaving her without protection.[1]

The Aquila, captained by the Assassins Connor and Robert Faulkner, then came to escort La Belladonna, which was attacked by a large fleet of British ships. Despite the ambush, La Belladonna proved herself capable of holding her own and effortlessly sank ten ships. However, she was caught-off guard by the sudden appearance of a Man O' War, which succeeded in destroying her mainmast, leaving the Aquila to battle the warship alone.[1]

After capturing the Man O' War and killing its captain, the crew of the Aquila spotted the Randolph a short distance away, but was forced to let her escape in order to protect La Belladonna, which had been severely damaged.[1]


  • Despite being disguised as a Spanish ship, the name La Belladonna is Italian, meaning "beautiful woman".