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La Bande Noire was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met Jean-Baptiste Dossonville, and helped him take down an auction held by the Bande noire.


Arno found Dossonville looking at a poster.

  • Dossonville: Looks like another scam auction. I'm going to foul their little game. Care to watch?

Arno followed Dossonville to the auction.

  • Auctioneer: And now, let us sell of this dilapidated church. I hope it remains standing until we finish.
  • D'Églantine: Two hundred livres!
  • Dossonville: Three hundred livres!
  • Auctioneer: Who are you?
  • Dossonville: Citizen Dossonville! And I bid three hundred livres! No, four!
  • Auctioneer: You can't bid against yourself!
  • D'Églantine: This man is disrupting the auction! I bid two hundred livres!
  • Dossonville: I bid seven! And mine aren't counterfeit!
  • Auctioneer: I must ask you to leave, Citizen!
  • Dossonville: So you can pretend to sell this fine building to your friend?
  • Auctioneer: That's an outrageous accusation!
  • Dossonville: Take that back!
  • Auctioneer: Make me! You men, get him out of here!

As the crowd dispersed, Arno and Dossonville fought off the auction guards.


Arno helped Dossonville disrupt the corrupt auction, keeping Fabre d'Églantine from purchasing the church.


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