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Kyrie Eleison was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay was tasked with the retrieval of a Piece of Eden supposedly located in Lisbon.


Shay subsequently traveled to Two Bends, where Hope and Achilles waited.

  • Hope: Lisbon is near as large as London or Paris. Are you sure you can find this one place?
  • Shay: I saw it clear as day, Hope. It's a convent, right close by the harbour. I might have visited the sisters once or twice...
  • Achilles: Given your present knowledge of the site, this duty falls upon you. You understand what must be done?
  • Shay: Find the Precursor Temple and retrieve the Piece of Eden.
  • Hope: We finally obtained a ship for crossing the ocean. Have no worries, I will keep the Morrigan safe in New York.
  • Shay: Thank you. Liam and I will leave straight away.
  • Achilles: Liam is unavailable at present. Your crew and ship await. Be careful, Shay. Pieces of Eden are powerful relics.

After a long journey, Shay arrived in Lisbon.

  • Shay: Feast of All Saints. What a sight. And here I am, looking for a relic from the time before Adam and Eve... Strange days indeed.

Shay entered the convent, where he activated several hidden switches with his Hidden Blade. These unlocked the entrance to a cavern located deep beneath the church, which Shay subsequently entered.

After descending a long staircase, Shay discovered a large chamber with a strange pyramid-esque construction at the center.

  • Shay: What do we have here?
Kyrie Eleison 12

Shay approaching the pedestal

As Shay moved towards the edge of the platform, steps rose up to allow passage over the abyss. Simultaneously, three pillars slid down, forming a pedestal upon which a mysterious object rested.

  • Shay: The artifact!

Shay slowly and carefully picked up the artifact, which lit up with First Civilization glyphs once touched, before promptly disintegrating. Tremors shook the chamber, prompting Shay to run across the bridge and escape the church. Upon reaching the surface however, he found Lisbon to be subjected to a massive earthquake. Making his way through the collapsing city, Shay eventually escaped Lisbon and reached his ship.

  • Crew member: How could God do this to them?
  • Shay: God had nothing to do with this.


Although Shay found the Piece of Eden, the artifact disintegrated upon being removed from its pedestal, causing an earthquake that leveled nearly the entire city, leaving thousands of people homeless or dead.


  • The memory's title is a prayer of Christian liturgy, meaning "Lord, have mercy" in Greek.



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