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Kyrenia is a town located on the northern coast of the island of Cyprus.


Middle Ages

During the Third Crusade, there were five districts present in Kyrenia. The Harbor, the Commons district, the Merchant district, the Crusader Outpost, and the Market district. There was also Kantara Castle, where Moloch resided, Buffavento Castle, the former residence and prison of a noblewoman, who came to be known to the Cypriots as the Dark Oracle, and Saint Hilarion Castle, the residence of Moloch's twin sons, Shalim and Shahar.

By 1191, Kyrenia was under control of the Templar Order, who ruled the populace with an iron fist. The supreme ruler of Cyprus was the Templar Grand Master Armand Bouchart, having bought the island in order to keep the existence of the Templar Archive located beneath the Limassol Castle a secret, after the Emperor Isaac Comnenus lost a war against King Richard.

The constant harassment by the Templars caused most people to remain indoors, with only a few wandering the city streets. Despite the massive Templar presence, however, the Mentor of the Assassin OrderAltaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, arrived in Kyrenia in 1192, pursuing Armand Bouchart and the information which would lead him to the Templar Archive. During his stay in Kyrenia, Altaïr eliminated the oppression of Moloch and his sons, while also assassinating the Oracle. Through these acts, he helped the resistance movement that eventually expelled the Templars from the island.



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