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"And one day I will fire an arrow into his black heart - one for every Delian family he's destroyed."
―Kyra, to Kassandra on Podarkes, 420s BCE.[src]-[m]

Kyra was a Greek woman who led the rebels on Mykonos during the during the 5th century BCE. She was the daughter of the Cult of Kosmos member Podarkes, who reigned over the Silver Islands with an iron fist. Unaware of her connection to her father, Kyra sought to liberate the islands from the Cult's rule by eliminate Podarkes.

During the Peloponnesian War, she developed a warm relationship with the Spartan polemarch Thaletas, who had answered her call for aid against Podarkes. Later on, she similarly developed feelings for the Spartan misthios Kassandra, who came to assist the rebels in their efforts at her request.


Early life

Kyra was born to a woman named Dianthe and Podarkes, the latter refusing to acknowledge their relationship. When Kyra was a young child, Dianthe often brought her to visit his residence. At some point, she made a doll in his likeness, which Dianthe brought to Podarkes.[1]

For Dianthe's insistence on visiting Podarkes and talking about Kyra's parentage, Podarkes attempted to pay off Dianthe, warning her to stop visiting. Eventually however, he sent Athenian soldiers led by his servant Otonia to Kyra and Dianthe's home to kill them.[1]

While the soldiers managed to kill Dianthe in front of Kyra's eyes, Otonia helped Kyra to escape, and she never returned to her former home.[1] Soon after, Kyra grew up surviving on the city streets and taught herself to hunt and became good at it. Eventually, she came to rever the goddess Artemis above all others.[2]

The Delian rebellion

Kyra meeting Kassandra

In time, Kyra forgot Podarkes as being her father, and she swore to have him eliminated and liberate the islands from his rule. By the time of the Peloponnesian War, she gathered like-minded individuals around herself, like Praxos and Kasos, becoming the leader of the rebellion.[3]

As the rebels struggled against Podarkes' men, Kyra called for assistance, which was answered by a Spartan fleet which included Thaletas. However, the fleet was sunk during a storm which claimed the lives of many Spartans. The role of polemarch was handed over Thaletas, who remained in Mykonos with the remaining soldiers. The two later developed mutual attractions to each other[2]

Podarkes lived up to his epithet, the Cruel, however, and the rebels felt it. Growing desperate, Kyra sent out calls for help to Sparta and to the "Eagle-bearing misthios", Kassandra.[4]

Rebellion's end

Kyra's call for help was relayed to Kassandra by Barnabas, and they agreed to help the rebellion. After Kassandra met Kyra and Thaletas at the rebels' hideout, Kyra tasked her with weakening the Athenians, as well as with killing Podarkes.[5]

Kassandra's coming confused both Kyra and Thaletas' feelings for each other.[6] [2]

While on Mykonos, Kassandra also met Otonia, begging on the streets of the city. Otonia led Kassandra to Kyra's former home, and to the truth of Kyra's parentage. Kassandra felt that Kyra should know about it, but Otonia was of the opinion that without proof, Kyra would never believe it. The proof that Kassandra needed to recover was the doll Dianthe had brought Podarkes.[1]

Kyra did not take the news well, though when shown the doll, she couldn't deny it.[1]

Following Podarkes' death at the hands of Kassandra, Kyra recovered the body and built a pyre on which to burn it. Kassandra joined her and offered Kyra coins, for Podarkes to "pay the ferryman." Kyra accepted the coins, tossing them onto Podarkes and bidding him to go "into the river of black night." As they watched the flames, the two talked about Kyra and her plans.[7]

Personality and characteristics

Equipment and skills

Kyra was a highly-capable woman, having served as the leader of the Mykonian rebels in the fight against her father Podarkes.[4] She was also a proficient archer marksmen, displaying her prowess during a hunting session with Kassandra.[2] This strength is further displayed when she anbd Kassandra assisted Thaletas in the intitial fight against the Athenians.[4]

Behind the scenes

Kyra, a character in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, is one of the characters the Eagle Bearer may share a romantic moment with in the game. Doing so will disrupt Kyra's relationship with Thaletas, another potential romantic interest for the Eagle Bearer.

Like a number of the members of the Daughters of Artemis, a group in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Kyra is also tagged as a "Pathfinder". Despite this, her proficiency in archery and hunting, and her devotion to the goddess Artemis, she was not written as a member of said group, according to Dan Bingham, the main writer of the Silver Islands-storyline.[8]

The name Kyra is often associated with the Greek word κῡ́ρῐος (kū́rios), meaning 'lord', and especially its feminine form κῡρίᾱ (kūríā), which means 'lady'.




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