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Kynna was a resident of Kephallonia, Greece, and a friend of Phoibe who lived in the Village of Kausos during the 5th century BCE.

In around 431 BCE, her village was plagued by a series of illnesses, leading Phoibe to request the Spartan misthios, Kassandra, to investigate. Upon arriving at the village, Kassandra discovered a group of priests had rounded up Kynna and her family, preparing to execute them to prevent the spread of the disease.[1]


  • If the player chooses to spare Kynna and her family, Kassandra will have to kill the priests, and the family'll leave Kausos. However, it lead to the plague spreading around the island later in the game. Barnabas would inform the player of this.
  • If the player chooses to side with the priests, Kynna and her family would be executed and the plague would not spread.




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