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Keleas, one of the Krypteia

"They are the hidden ones. Handpicked at an early age. Starved and trained in isolation. They must steal and kill to survive. If they succeed at their training, they become the king's guard."
―King Pausanias of Sparta, on the Krypteia, 429 BCE.[src]-[m]

The Krypteia were an elite Spartan military unit charged with the training of young Spartan men and the protection of the Two Kings of Sparta, up to and during the Peloponnesian War. They represented Sparta's ultimate achievement in military training, and their discipline and fearlessness was considered to make Sparta's army the most feared in all the Greek world.[1]

According to themselves, the krypteia were "elite ambush fighters".[2]


When they returned to Sparta around 429 BCE, Myrrine told her daughter, the misthios Kassandra, that the best among the Agoge Fighters would become krypteia, "keepers of the peace, and stalkers in the night."[3] Soon after that, Kassandra was tasked by Pausanias to eliminate three among the krypteia who had, according to Pausanias, "gone rogue." Among these was Keleas.[1]

Following the death of Lagos, the archon of Arkadia, King Archidamos cursed Kassandra and her mother Myrrine, saying "May the krypteia hunt you, and the helots scrape the meat off your bones," as Kassandra accused one of the kings of being a member of the Cult of Kosmos and a traitor to Sparta.[4]


  • The side quest Bully the Bullies is one of only a handful of missions missable throughout Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, and as such it is uncertain if Kassandra canonically eliminated the rogue krypteia, as Pausanias asked.



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