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The husband of Kreusa was a vegetable farmer and seller who lived with his wife on the island of Kephallonia, Greece around 431 BCE.

The couple longed to migrate off the island but lacked the financial means to do so due to their measly income. Eventually, they were assisted by the misthios Kassandra in acquiring a necklace lost at sea by which they could sell for the funds needed for their departure.


During the 5th century BCE, the man and his wife worked as vegetable growers and sellers on the island of Kephallonia. However, they were not satisfied with this livelihood and therefore sought to seek other means of acquiring a fortune. They yearned to leave the island but could not afford to do so.[1]

The couple soon heard stories of how Kephalos, the mythical founder of the island, had gifted a precious necklace to his wife Prokris, and how the necklace had then been lost in the sea. The couple identified a sunken temple off the coast to be the location. However, it had been overrun by a school of sharks, preventing their dream's fulfillment.[1]

In 431 BCE, the couple met the misthios Kassandra, who agreed to help them recover the necklace from the ruins. Kassandra was able to eliminate the sharks, retrieve the necklace and hand it over to Kreusa. Having obtained what they wanted, the man and his wife rejoiced at the prospect that they would finally be able to achieve their dreams of migrating from the island.[1]



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