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"Everyone's got a plan... until the first bone breaks."

Konon (died c. 429 BCE), also known by his epithet the Fighter, was a member of the Order of Hunters branch of the Order of the Ancients, as well as a member of the Followers of Ares, a Greek cult dedicated to the god of war.


After the leader of their Order charged the Order of Hunters to seek out and eliminate the "Tainted Ones", the Magi of the branch, Pactyas the Huntsman, led his followers into Makedonia, Greece. This included Konon, who left behind his wife.[1]

While in Makedonia, Konon joined the Followers of Ares, abandoning his leader's penchant for working with the wild beasts of the world for strength he believed the god of war would grant him. To ensure this, Konon made his way to the shrine in northern Makedonia with his wolf companion and his brethren after sending a message to the Keeper of their branch.[1]

In time, the Spartan misthios Kassandra found Konon at the ruins, and killed him.[1]


  • Konon (Κονων) is an Ancient Greek name possibly derived from κονέω (konéo) meaning "raise the dust, fast, rapid".
  • Even though Konon is counted as a Follower of Ares, and Ikaros recognizes him as 'Fanatic' prior to unveiling, he doesn't count as a Follower of Ares in quests requiring killing said cultists.
  • Despite Konon being bareheaded, killing him rewards the Impenetrable Helm of the Fighter.
  • Konon shares his name with multiple historical figures.




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