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An inactive bronze kolossus

Kolossi were seemingly inert guardian statues found within the Isu Aletheia's simulations of the Sister Realms. When open conflict happened within their vicinity these statues would come to life and attack the source of the disturbance. A kolossus could attack intruders with light projectiles and explosions, along with their regular melee weapons.[1]


The Kolossi are statue like humanoid drones which were developed by the Isu to serve as guardians. The Kolossi would remain in their dormant statue like state and will only activate if any open conflict happens within their vicinity. When active, they display stamina draining abilities, exceptional physical attributes, light-based energy projection and explosives as well as short range teleportation abilities. [1]

Types and usage

Within the simulations, there existed 3 types of kolossi, with each type deployed exclusively within one of the three Sister Realms.

  • Bronze Kolossi were present within the simulation of Elysium as deployed by the Isu Persephone and wielded spears. These had the designation Dory and were distinguished by their serial numbers.[2]
  • Obsidian Kolossi were deployed by the Isu Hades in the simulation of the Underworld. These kolossi used swords and shields and had the designation Xiphos and were distinguished by their serial numbers.[3]
  • Gold Kolossi were used by the Isu of Atlantis within the simulation. Gold kolossi were equipped with two daggers as weapons. They were distinguished from each other by their serial numbers and shared the designation Makhaira.[4]

During the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra experienced Aletheia's simulations, wherein she encountered these statues during her travels through the Sister Realms in search[1]


During Layla Hassan's quick sojourn into the Gateway to the Lost City and further into the throne room of Atlantis, the Assassin relived Kassandra's genetic memories of her experiences within the simulations where she, in turn, encountered the statues.[1]

Behind the scenes

Trespassing and assassinating an enemy near Kolossi does not trigger the activation. They will only activate in open combat, which triggers when the player is discovered by a hostile force.

Destroying a Torch of Hypnos near an inert Kolossus used to damage them while maintaining their deactivated status. However, since the release of Patch 1.3.0, this feature has been removed.[5]

The name of the creatures, "κολοσσός", means "(large) statue" and is the source for the English word colossal.