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Charlotte: "It takes three times as long to charge as you can use it? Jesus, Kody. How's that useful?"
Kody: "Char, I'm trying."
Charlotte: "I'm sorry. I swear I'm not like this. Before I got involved with the brotherhood I was really nice."
Kody: "Most of us were...nicer...before we joined."
—Charlotte talking to Kody, 2016.[src]

Kody Adams (1991 – 2016) was the technician of the Assassin team led by Xavier Chen and consisting of Galina Voronina, and later Charlotte de la Cruz. He engineered the Animus their team uses, and calls it by the nickname "Red Rider."

After the Assassins entered into an alliance with Erudito, Kody gave is life to prevent the Templars from recovering the content of the Collective's servers during their assault on the hidden HQ of Erudito in Argentina.


Meeting de la Cruz

After Galina and Xavier recruited Charlotte de la Cruz and took her to their cell's hideout in the Salton Sea, they introduced her to Kody, the cell technician and the one who found her online. They explained to her that an Assassin named Joseph Laurier had apparently defected to the Templars in San Diego to inform them of an artifact hidden by his ancestor during the Salem witch trials. They needed Charlotte to enter the Animus and relive her ancestor Thomas Stoddard's memories of the era to determine if Joseph was telling the truth and had betrayed the Brotherhood, or if he was just baiting the Templars.[2]

While Charlotte struggled to stay inside the Animus as she failed to synchronize with Stoddard's harsh methods, Kody attributed her struggle to her being inexperienced with the process. Galina and Xavier meanwhile, discussed her progress, with Galina implying that Charlotte would not be able to synchronize, with Kody and Xavier disagreeing with her. Galina in turn compared her to Joseph, saying that people can't change who they are, and that Joseph was finally showing his true colors by allying with the Templars. Later, Kody reported that Charlotte connection has stabilized but worried that if she continued to struggle with Stoddard she could damage her brain.[2]

Later, Kody snagged a message of Abstergo and discovered that Joseph was being held by Didier Hawking, a high level Templar with a specialization in memory hacking. The Assassins feared that Joseph would reveal their location, as such the team decided to load the Animus into a van to allow Charlotte to keep searching while they were driving for San Diego.[3]

Showdown with Joseph

Using the Animus, Charlotte witnessed Jennifer Querry's death, and the Assassins agreed that Joseph's ancestor didn't know where the relic was hidden, so he was indeed luring the Templars. Xavier and Galina left the van to rendezvous with Joseph. Charlotte had her doubts, and insisted Kody returned her to Stoddard's memories. Continuing, she realized that Jennifer was not the only ancestor of Joseph present in Salem, and that he was indeed betraying the Brotherhood. With the realization that Xavier and Galina have clearly been sent into a trap. Charlotte decided to go in after them, and Kody gave her the familiar Assassin hoodie attire.[4]

Entering the Abstergo facility Xavier and Galina had gone to meet Joseph at, she managed to infiltrate deeper into the building by tricking an employee to open a secured door. She bound the man and pressed on, declaring herself to not be a killer to Kody. Just as she neared Joseph's floor, she slipped and fell, but was able to spin onto another shaft and hold on with her knife: Kody noted she had begun to inherit Tom's abilities via the Bleeding Effect. Climbing up, she entered a gym and saw that Joseph had already drowned Xavier in a swimming pool, and had broken Galina's leg.

She attacked the burly traitor to prevent him from finishing her off, but he just tossed her into a wall. Joseph explained he betrayed the Brotherhood because his lover Christian had died on a mission overseen by Xavier, but he was still an Assassin and had planted a bomb. As Joseph's bomb went off, Abstergo burst in the room to kill Joseph, and Charlotte carried Galina out through an air vent. They came out in a maintenance room, where Charlotte discovered she had accidentally killed the asthmatic employee she'd bound and gagged to cover her intrusion.

Charlotte loaded Galina into their van, who ordered Kody to contact Gavin Banks - an Assassin Mentor - requesting that the Brotherhood send a team to Salem as soon as possible, as they didn't knew if the Templars were already on their way to acquire the remains of Dorothy Osborne.

Hunted in Mexico

In 2016, the Assassins fled to Mexico, with the injured Galina assuming the role of leader and being adamant about the need to track down Joseph before anything else. Once in Mexico City, they took a room in a motel and through some contacts with the local underground world, hired two discreet doctors to reset Galina's broken leg without asking questions. However, as the female doctor tended to Galina, the male, drew a pistol. Galina saw him, pulled out her own before him and shot the Templar agent to death. She then ordered Charlotte to grab his gun and aim it at the female doctor. The woman explained she knew nothing of her fellow doctor's motives, stating that he was new, and Galina knocked her out after Charlotte told her that she was telling the truth.

They moved to the opposite motel, as it would be the last place the Templars would expect. Charlotte noted to Kody that she had wanted to leave back before the man intended to attack them, believing that she was not cut out for the situation. Kody reassured her that there was a reason she was there and that, due to her impressive performance, she might even help them find the hacker collective Erudito. Realizing they were the ones Consus had obliquely directed her to find and despite his warning that Erudito were no friends of the Assassins, she had Kody hook her up to the Darknet to find them. After a night of searching, she discovered a meeting was planned for the following week, but the location was password-encrypted. The sole hint was the question, "What does the cute Pishta say?"

She recalled that her grandmother's childhood nickname for her was "Pishtaco", apparently shared by an ancestor who lived during the fall of the Inca Empire. Waking Kody up, Charlotte ordered him to place her back in the Animus while Galina was still sleeping and she began to relive the memories of the chasqui Quila.

Charlotte spent two hours in the Animus before Kody was forced to pull the frustrated woman out to let it recharge. The two Assassins then bonded over their love for Star Wars and Charlotte began to recount her childhood to her new friend. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Galina who told her that she had found the Templar Garcia-Lopez, who could potentialy lead them to Joseph. Charlotte refused to participate in what she knew was a kidnap-and-torture scenario, believing finding Erudito was more important but Galina coerced Charlotte to help.

Kody and Charlotte trailed Garcia-Lopez to the Chapultepec Park where they intended to swiftly kidnap the Templar while the injured Galina was supervising them from the van. However, Charlotte carelessly got too close to Garcia-Lopez, allowing the Templar to spot her and to run off. Kody tried to seize her, but the Templar broke his nose with her handbag before spraying pepper spray in Charlotte's eyes and fled. Kody then helped the incapacited Charlotte into Galina's truck before the authorities arrived.

Later, Charlotte ignored Galina's order to watch the van to re-enter the Animus but Galina soon discovered her and had Kody pulled her out. While Galina chastised Charlotte for ignoring orders once again, Kody noted that the batteries were cooked and needed to be replaced. Fed up with Galina, Charlotte chose to leave to find new batteries, with an angry Galina telling her she's on her own.

Hostage of the Cartel

Several hours later, Charlotte sensed that someone was following her in the streets of Mexico and confronted her follower, only to discover that it was Galina who changed her mind and decided to go after her. To the young woman horror, Galina revealed that while she was away looking for Charlotte, a Mexican Cartel abducted Kody while he was alone and left his ear behind. Keeping Kody hostage, they demanded the surrender of the two Assassins or else they would send them another part of the goofy nerd.

Charlotte then joined Galina in a rescue attempt at the Estadio Azteca stadium, where the Cartel waited for their surrender with their prisoner. Charlotte used her stealth skills while Galina took up a sniper position. As Charlotte made her way to Kody, Galina placed blame on her for her mercy, as the female doctor alerted the Cartel and for letting Garcia-Lopez escape, which prevented them from leaving the city. Charlotte was soon ambushed by the Cartel leader Arturo Viera, who shot her in the right foot to force Galina to surrender her, but Charlotte managed to break free of his grasp so Galina could have a shot. Soon after, the Templars arrive in a chopper, gunning down Viera and his girl. The Templar Whittaker attempted to capture her before being restrained by his superior, Ortega Sanchez.

Suspecting that Templars believed her to be very important to come after her, Charlotte pointed a gun at her head. Despite Kody's plea to not do it, she then cut a deal with Sanchez, in exchange for Galina and Kody's safety, she'd provide them with the location of Erudito's meeting three days from now. Sanchez gave her a day to find out the password to the location before striking her injured foot with his cane, saying its insurance against a doublecross and threatened to harm her friends and family if she did not hold up her end of the bargain.

Following her synchronization with Quila's memories, Charlotte learned that the password was Don Gonzalo Pardo, revealing that the Erudito meeting was in Argentina. Soon after, Charlotte prepared to turn herself over to Sanchez, only for the cartel to attack the Templars, in part of Galina having cut a deal for the cartel to avenge Viera's death. Taking a commercial flight to Buenos Aires, the team spotted a man sporting a sign reading Don Gonzalo Pardo, who showed them to their Erudito contact, revealed to be Charlotte's grandmother, Florencia.

Working with Erudito

Some weeks later, in an Erudito hive located on a remote island, Kody and his two teammates attended a meeting with members of Erudito. During the meeting, Charlotte offered the Collective to make an alliance with the Assassins, overruling Galina's reservations. She and Kody would find Consus for them and share whatever they found with all of them so that they could all decide the best way to stop the Phoenix Project and, in exchange, they would give them Joseph's whereabouts and Galina would find him using Erudito's field agents as back-up. Shortly after, the results of the votes came in, with the members of Erudito favoring the alliance.

Later, after Galina's departure for Somalia, Kody and Guernica Moneo prepared Charlotte for her session in the Animus, to explore the memories of Hiram Stoddard, whom Erudito knew had an encounter with Consus. Florencia then asked to know the results of Charlotte's stress test, to which Guernica answered that, aside from a puncture mark she received from Ortega Sanchez back in Mexico, she was great. Wary of a Templar trick, Florencia incased her relative into a dome which surrounded the Animus and which would thoroughly scan her for nano-trackers during the next two hours.

However, the scan was hacked and interrupted by Kody after the departure of Guernica and Florencia because of his distrust of Erudito, which was fueled by his rivalry with Guernica due to the Spaniard flirting with Charlotte. Kody explaining to her that he thought that Guernica was hiding stuff from her and remarked that, although Consus had wiped Giovanni's memory, her ancestor, Hiram Stoddard, an ancestor of Tom Stoddard, did not say anything about Consus after witnessing him either. As Charlotte relived Hiram's confrontation with Giovanni in 1516, Kody told her that he believed that something was wrong with Hiram's mind as well and that Guernica knew it. Kody clarified that he had dug up information on Hiram and that, by 1516, he was a bitter and ruthless man, earning him the nickname "Bloody Hiram". When Charlotte asked Kody how exactly this made Hiram any different from Tom, Kody explained that, for Hiram, this behaviour came out of nowhere and that he thought that Hiram's mind was a very dangerous place to be. Kody then stated that he thought that something bad happened to Hiram when he met Consus and that all Erudito wanted was answers and that they did not care what would happen to Charlotte as long as they got them.

After she finished reliving Hiram's confrontation with Giovanni Borgia in 1516, Charlotte lamented that they had found nothing of importance within the memory. When Florencia asked whether she had looked hard enough, Charlotte explained that there was nothing except for references to something mysterious involving Hiram and Giovanni that had happened in 1515. After Florencia stated that their algorithms showed that Consus should have appeared in 1516, Kody expressed his distrust of both Erudito and her, prompting Charlotte to ask Florencia if she was holding anything back from her. However, they were then interrupted Guernica, who stated that some of his people were flipping to Dewalt, who was opposed to the alliance, and that they wanted to hear from Florencia. After Florencia left, Charlotte ordered Kody to plug her back into the Animus and relive Hiram's memories of 1515.

While reliving Hiram's mission to Florence, in which he and Giovanni were tasked by Michelangelo with retrieving an Apple of Eden from the Templar Dei Petrucci, Charlotte was unwillingly removed from the Animus by Kody, who explained that her vitals were going haywire. When Florencia told him to give Charlotte a moment to rest and then get her back in, Kody chastised her, remarking that Charlotte could get long-term damage if she did not get a break. After Florencia told Kody the story of how she taught Charlotte how to ride a bike, Charlotte interrupted their argument and told Kody to jump her forward to the last time Hiram saw Giovanni in 1515. After Kody protested that Hiram and Giovanni parted ways in 1515 on really bad terms and that the last thing Charlotte's system needed was that kind of stress, Charlotte reassured him that she was not quite yet ready to rest.

As Charlotte relived Hiram's argument with Giovanni and Elena on top of the roof of a tavern, she noticed a distortion occur within the memory as Elena threw away the scarf Hiram had given her and the memory repeated itself. After being pulled out of the Animus, Charlotte was informed by Kody that they were dealing with a false memory, which caused them to deduce that the reason Hiram never said anything about Consus was because he did not remember what really happened. Florencia then informed Charlotte that, if she kept at it, she could drill through to the truth.[5]

However, Kody remarked that she would also encounter other, more disturbing potential false memories that Hiram's mind rejected and that the accumulated stress could end up being too much, causing Charlotte's brain to shut down to protect itself. Charlotte then told Kody that she had to do it, but, in order to put him at ease, decided to take a break before going back in. After her break, Charlotte once again relived Hiram's memory and eventually Consus spoke directly to Charlotte through Giovanni.[5]


Upon emerging from the Animus, Charlotte asked Kody what was going on, to which Kody replied that the Templars had somehow found them. After Florencia stated that they would figure out Consus' message later and needed to get to the servers, Guernica came into the room with several Erudito agents and insisted that they follow protocol and wipe the servers remotely after everyone was safely clear of the compound. However, Florencia disagreed with the plan, asking what would happen if the Templars got to the servers first. After Kody insisted that they had to leave and asked Charlotte how many times she was going to risk her life for her grandmother, Charlotte realized that Hiram's real mistake was turning his back on Giovanni, his family, which prompted her to tell Kody and Guernica that, regardless of what they were going to do, she was going with her grandmother.

After getting to the servers, Charlotte waited as Florencia uploaded the data while Kody and Guernica planted explosive devices on the servers. After Florencia insisted on finishing the data upload, Charlotte asked her why, as she thought the point was to destroy everything. Florencia explained that the system had everything they knew about the Phoenix Project and how to stop it and that they probably had a mole who had given the Island's location to the Templars and had probably compromised the other back-up sites.

Upon seeing a heavily wounded Erudito agent, Charlotte urged Florencia to leave, despite her insistence that she was almost finished. Shortly after, Charlotte pulled Florencia to safety as they avoided a hail of bullets. However, Florencia had dropped the data box and Kody ran back in order to retrieve it, telling Charlotte that she was right and this was a war they had to win. Unfortunately, Kody was subsequently gunned down, much to Charlotte and Florencia's shock.

Charlotte consoled the fatally wounded Kody in his final moments, assuring him that he did well to save the data box. Afterwards, Charlotte was approached by Florencia, who stated that was a good soldier for saving the data and that they needed to honor his sacrifice and get moving. However, Charlotte blamed Florencia for Kody's death, stating that he would still be alive if they were at the boats. Charlotte then blamed herself for dragging Kody there, but was consoled by Florencia, who remarked that both Charlotte and Kody had done what they had to do. At that moment, they noticed an airplane flying overhead.

Unsure of whether it belonged to the Assassins or the Templars, the group chose to hide from it. Shortly after, the plane was shot down, confirming that it was not a Templar plane. While Florencia and Dewalt argued over whether to help the plane's passengers or take advantage of the distraction to get off the island, Charlotte kneeled next to Kody's body continued mourning his death. Florencia then instructed the group to destroy their phones in order to make sure that the Templars could not track them. After being approached by Guernica, Charlotte told him she was coming and informed him that she did not want the Templars to find Kody's body. Charlotte then took Kody's phone out of his pocket in order to destroy it and said goodbye to Kody.[6]

Equipment and skills

Being a member of the brotherhood Kody received basic combat training. He was also an extremely talented engineer and a proficient programmer claiming to have been trained by the best.


  • Kody is a nerdy guy, and have an extensive knowledge of pop culture: mentioning Star Wars or Jurassic Park, for example.
  • In Issue 8, Kody lost his left ear when he was captured by a Mexican cartel.




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