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"I will lead those who oppose us to the gates of the underworld. Kosmos be my guide."
―Kodros the Bull[src]

Kodros of Lesbos (died 420s BCE), also known as Kodros the Bull, was a member of the branch of the Cult of Kosmos which had allied with the Delian League during the Peloponnesian War.


A former fighter himself, when Kodros became the king of the Petrified Islands, he continued to visit the pits and the arenas. He understood that to keep the 'masses' content, all one needed to do was to provide them with food and entertainment, and prize fighting provided the latter, in addition whetting the people's hunger for blood. His history as a fighter, as well as his penchance for wearing a helmet adorned with horns akin to those of a bull.[1]

Kodros also used the pits and the arenas to recruit powerful warriors as champions and enforcers for the Cult of Kosmos, and to march under the banner of the Delian League. In a letter encouraging Podarkes to do the same, Kodros considered these methods safe and cheap, while also noting that the fighters so recruited "put on a good show" as well. This habit also drew the attention of the Sage of Kodros' branch, who wrote him a letter extolling the excellency of the idea. Kodros himself considered every man he sent out to battle as his own sacrifices to Kosmos.[2]

Eventually, Kodros offered a job to Titos, a champion of the Arena in Pephka, inviting him to join him in Lesbos. However, the Spartan misthios Kassandra challenged Titos in combat and was victorious against him, claiming evidence of the job offer from his corpse. This proved to be Kodros' downfall, as it subsequently enabled Kassandra to find him at his residence in Mytilene and kill him.[2]


  • The letter to Podarkes also provides directions to the clue that unveils Iobates, who prefers hiring mercenaries to arena champions. However, when that letter is claimed from Podarkes at the conclusion of Hades, Meet Podarkes, it only provides explicit directions to the Job Offer that unveils Kodros, in the form of a masked icon on the Cultists menu. The same exact letter must be claimed a second time from Kodros in order to reveal the masked icon for Iobates.
  • Despite wearing a helmet, hood is claimed from Kodros' corpse.



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