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Knowledge Is Power was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


During the famed Venetian Carnevale celebration, Ezio Auditore visited his friend Leonardo da Vinci, in order to ask him for a spare mask that he could use to hide his identity during the event. He also gave Leonardo more Codex pages for him to decipher, which were later revealed to be the designs for an upgrade for the Hidden Blade, featuring a small firearm.


KiP 2

Leonardo decoding the Codex page

After failing to save Doge Mocenigo, Ezio returned to Leonardo at his workshop.

  • Leonardo: Ezio! Dio mio (my God)! You're alive! Is it true? They say you killed the Doge.
  • Ezio: I was trying to save him, Leonardo. But the truth matters little. I failed. And now I'm the most wanted man in Venezia.
  • Leonardo: Well, perhaps you are in luck! It's Carnevale in Venezia. This is the time when everybody goes without a face!
  • Ezio: That's why I'm here. Do you have a mask I can wear?
  • Leonardo: Of course, of course, somewhere in here...
  • Ezio: Grazie, amico mio. (Thanks, my friend.) And I have something for you.
  • Leonardo: Ohhh! More of the Codex! Aha... This one's quite complex... Hmm... it's a new design, my friend... A mechanism for your wrist, but not a blade... In fact, it seems to be a kind of arma da fuoco (firearm), but as small as a hummingbird!
  • Ezio: Is it possible?
  • Leonardo: I have no idea. Let's build it and find out!

Leonardo managed to construct the Hidden Gun and Ezio went to test it on some dummies that had been placed by the inventor. After proving it worked, he returned to Leonardo.

  • Ezio: You've done me good, brother!
  • Leonardo: Ma certo, (Of course,) but I'm sure your return was not just to play with new toys. Is it about this terrible new Doge they've installed... Marco Barbarigo?

Ezio nodded lightly.

  • Leonardo: Then you'll want to speak with your friend Antonio. I've seen him quite a bit lately at a, um, mutual friend's. I'd look for him there, in the Dorsoduro district to the south. Ask for Sister Teodora.
  • Ezio: Sister?
  • Leonardo: Well, um... In a way. Yes, sister... And Ezio, you can't be carrying weapons out there today.
  • Ezio: Grazie, (Thanks,) Leonardo. Now, about that mask...


Ezio received and used the Hidden Gun for the first time, and he was given a mask to keep him incognito for the duration of Carnevale.


  • Looting the dummies after shooting them would result in obtaining a "Key". However, the keys provided no real use, leaving them as little more than an easter egg.
  • Aborting this memory can cause the bracer of Ezio's Hidden Blade to disappear until the memory is replayed and completed.



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