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This article is about one of the main quests of the DLC The Legacy of the First Blade. You may be looking for Knife in the Dark, a timed side quest.

Knives in the Dark was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra discovered a correspondence uncovering the Order of the Storm's attempts to eliminate her by hiring mercenaries.


In Patrai, she faced Atos the Beast Caller. Ikaros pointed him out.

  • Kassandra: There they are!

She killed the mercenary and his bear familiar.

While traveling in Pellene, Kassandra spied Hirpes the Sordid, one of the mercenaries sent to kill her.

  • Kassandra: There he is!

She pounced on the mercenary.

  • Mercenary: The Tempest demands your head, Eagle Bearer!
  • Kassandra: She'll have yours instead.

She wore Hirpes down and killed him.

With the first of two mercenaries dead, Kassandra recovered correspondence leading to the remaining three.

Kassandra traveled to Olouros Fortress to locate Aias the Clean.

  • Kassandra: He's over there.

Kassandra eliminated the mercenary, as well as any soldiers that got in her way.

Kassandra traveled to the House of the Phoenician to find a pair of mercenaries, Kephalon the Thinker and Proktos the Moon King, working together. Ikaros identified Kephalon.

  • Kassandra: I see him.

Ikaros also identified Proktos.

  • Kassandra: Found him!

Proktos the Moon King charged at her, and Kassandra groaned.

  • Kassandra: Another one of the Tempest's hired hands.

She evaded his poisoned blades and killed him.

She engaged Kephalon the Thinker.

  • Mercenary: Your death will bring me great fortune, Eagle Bearer. I'll name my new villa after you.
  • Kassandra: Too bad you'll never see it.

She outmaneuvered his blunt weapon and defeated him.

After killing one mercenary, Kassandra determined that more would follow.

  • Kassandra: This mercenary was sent by the Tempest. He won't be the last.

After killing the second mercenary, Kassandra pondered the value of the contract on her.

  • Kassandra: More mercenaries sent by the Tempest. Must be some bounty.

Kassandra killed a third mercenary.

  • Kassandra: The Tempest will run out of mercenaries eventually.

Kassandra defeated all of the mercenaries pursuing her.

  • Kassandra: That should be the last of them.


Kassandra eliminated the five mercenaries hired by the Order of the Storm.


  • Although players become aware of the bounty at the warehouse during Persian Puppetry, the mercenaries do not become available until after the Tempest's ships are sunk and the quest fully complete.
  • The last three mercenaries, Aias the Clean, Kephalon the Thinker, and Proktos the Moon King, do not spawn until both Atos the Beast Caller and Hirpes the Sordid have been defeated.
    • Thus, it would seem the most efficient path to killing them all is to return to Patrai immediately after sinking the boats to kill Atos, followed by Hirpes in Pellene, collecting the correspondence to spawn the other three, then killing Aias in the nearby Olouros Fortress before wrapping up the pair near Boura.


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