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Klysma Quarry

The Klysma Quarry, or simply Klysma, was a village and quarry located in the Klysma Nome, on the Sinai in Egypt. During the 1st century BCE, the quarry was overseered by the Roman legate Tacito, a lieutenant of the Order of the Ancients member Rufio. In the mid-1st century BCE, the Hidden Ones also had a bureau established in the village, with Tahira as its bureau leader.


In 38 BCE, the Hidden One Mentor Bayek arrived at the quarry after receiving an urgent letter from Tahira. Through Senu's vision, Bayek was able to locate an entrance to the bureau, meeting with Tahira and the Nabatean rebel Gamilat inside. The Hidden Ones proposed to eliminate Rufio's lieutnant in Sinai, including Tacito in the quarry, to draw the Roman general to the pennisula.[1]




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