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A view of the Kleptous Bay

"This used to be a nice village, but now it's just a nest of anarchy and crime."

The Kleptous Bay was a small port village situated on the coast of the Pronnoi Peninsula in Kephallonia, Greece. During the 5th century BCE, it was used by the Cyclops of Kephallonia and his gang as a base of operations.


In 431 BCE, the Spartan misthios Kassandra travelled to the village, having learned from Telemenes that the Cyclops had docked his ship in the bay. There, she found the Cyclops interrogating a captain named Barnabas. Kassandra dealt with the Cyclops and his men before escorting the captain to safety.[1]

Around the same time, Kassandra helped the wealthy Athenian exile Davos to rescue his brother Orneos, who had been caught by the Cyclops' men.[2]




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