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"The steps to the Parthenon are long and built on corpses."

Kleon the Everyman (died 422 BCE) was an Athenian general during the Peloponnesian War. He was also a Sage of the Cult of Kosmos, and the superior of Rhexenor, leading a branch that had infiltrated the Delian League. He was the first prominent representative of the commercial class in Athenian politics.

A political opponent of Perikles, the then-leader of Athens who had adopted a defensive stance in combating the Peloponnesian League, Kleon sought to adopt a more aggressive approach against their opponents. After Perikles died, Kleon assumed control of the the city. He was largely supported by the people of Athens until Kassandra, Sokrates, Aristophanes, and others led a social uprising against him.[3]


Opposing Perikles

During Peloponnesian War, Kleon came to prominence as an opponent against Perikles, opposing his strategy on holding out rather than facing the Spartans in battle, who were already drawing near the city. Kleon's membership within the Cult of Kosmos also aided his position and increased his influence.[3] In 431 BCE, he and Perikles gathered at the Pnyx to debate about their strategies and garner the crowd's support. Despite' Perikles' speeches, Kleon was ultimately able to gain much favor from the crowd.[4]

After the debate, Kleon met and gained the acquaintance of the misthios Kassandra, who had came to meet Perikles based on Herodotos' suggestion.[4] Kleon asked Kassandra to carry out several errands for him in order to strengthen Athen's defences: destroying several Spartan camps outside the city[5], rescuing one of his agents[6] and escorting the said agent to safety.[7]

Tensions continued to escalate between Perikles and Kleon, but by 429 BCE, Kleon had much of the favor from the Athenians. That year, a plague devasted much of the city, with Perikles soon contracting it as well. Kleon took the chance to further draw support from the crowd in an attempt to turn the population against Perikles.[8]

In 424 BCE, with suggestion from the Ghost of Kosmos, Kleon took to punishing the citizens of Mytilene, which previously revolted against Athens and the Delian League. He did so by ordering the execution of thousands of Mytileneans.[9]

Later that year, Kleon was publicly mocked in plays directed by Aristophanes. Noting that one of his actors was enamored with some girl, Kleon ordered Rhexenor to threaten her to delay or stop the play's production.[10]

Battle of Amphipolis and death

"I beg you! This world is severed, Kassandra, and we'll unite it!"
―Kleon to Kassandra before his death, 422 BCE[src]-[m]

Around 422 BCE, Kleon was deployed to Makedonia to attack Amphipolis, a city occupied by the Spartans led by Brasidas. During the battle, he shot an arrow into the back of Deimos before fleeing. He was eventually confronted by Kassandra however, after he was defeated in combat Kleon started begging for his life. His pleas fell on deaf ears and he was drowned and killed by his former prisoner.[1]


In a simulation created by the Isu Aletheia, a simulated Kleon was brought to the realm of the Underworld, where he was greeted by the hounds belonging to the realm's ruler. Kleon was eventually dragged away by the hounds while the misthios Kassandra arrived.[11]


  • Kleon is a Greek name derived from the word κλεος (kleos), which means 'glory'.
  • His promise to "Make Athens Great Again", as well as his hawkish nature, his populist rhetoric, and his representation of the commercial class, is an obvious reference to the American president Donald Trump, who was known for his promise to "Make America Great Again", as well as for his own fiery rhetoric, populism, and representation of the business class.
  • Historically, Kleon was killed by a peltast when his army was routed at the Battle of Amphipolis.




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