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Kleio threatening Kassandra

Kleio was a Korinthian hetaera who worked under Anthousa during the Peloponnesian War.


When the Spartan misthios Kassandra came to Korinth looking for her mother Myrrine, Anthousa promised her help if Kassandra in turn helped the hetaerae.[1]

As the Monger's power and influence in Korinth grew, Kleio was scared and wished to leave the city, and paid to a crew to escort her to Mykonos. However, she didn't tell her friends about her plans. As Kleio failed to show up to morning prayer, one of her closest friends, Erinna, grew worried. Asking around the agora of Korinth, Erinna learned that Kleio had apparently been kidnapped by pirates, and subsequently asked Kassandra to 'rescue' Kleio.[2]

Kassandra chased down the ship, and boarded it. Kleio was angry with her, telling her about her plans, her desire to leave, and demanded that Kassandra escort her instead.[3]

Sometime later, Kleio met a musician, who fell in love with her. However, the ring the musician had purchased for Kleio was stolen by bandits. Kassandra helped the musician retrieve the ring.[4]


  • Kleio is a name derived from the Greek word κλέος (kléos), meaning 'fame, glory'. It was also the name of one of the Muses, the inspirational goddesses of Greek mythology.



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