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Kleio was a Korinthian hetaera who worked under Anthousa during the Peloponnesian War.



During her time with the Korinthian hetaerae, Kleio befriended Erinna, another hetaera. They even grew close, and participated in the morning prayers together.[1]

However, when The Monger rose to prominence in the polis, forcing the hetaerae to flee to the Akrokorinth and hide from him, Kleio became distressed, and planned her escape.[2][1] To this end, Kleio chartered a ship and a crew to take her from Korinth to Mykonos.[1]

She didn't tell about her plan to anyone, lest she endanger her success. Instead of ensuring her escape, the fact that she didn't join Erinna for their customary morning prayers worried her friend. And Erinna's worry in turn was noticed by Anthousa, who tasked the Spartan misthios Kassandra to help Erinna among others.[2]

Kleio had been seen by one of their clients that morning, though, boarding the ship. As the client told it, pirates had kidnapped her, so Erinna was keen on Kassandra to 'rescue' Kleio. Unaware of this, Kleio sat on ship, dreaming of her new future on Mykonos. Before her ship could get far, however, it was attacked by the Adrestia, Kassandra's ship. The misthios boarded Kleio's ship and dragged her from it while her crew slew Kleio's hired hands.[1]

Though shocked, Kleio was not as helpless as she might have seemed, and drew a knife on Kassandra, accusing her of being a pirate. After some confusion, Kleio explained what she'd been up to. Kassandra then made her choice, either returning Kleio to Erinna,[1] or agreeing to escort her to Mykonos.[3]


Once on Mykonos, Kleio set out to make a new life for herself.[3] At some point, she met a musician, who saw in her her very own muse, and fell in love with her.[4] Kleio reciprocated the feelings, at least enough to encourage the musician to purchase a ring as a sign of her devotion.[4] Unfortunately, before Kleio learned of this, the ring was stolen by bandits. Lucky for the musician, Kassandra met her and helped her retrieve the ring.[4]

Behind the scenes

The name of Kleio, a character in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, is derived from the Greek word κλέος (kléos), meaning 'fame, glory'. It was also the name of one of the Muses, the inspirational goddesses of Greek mythology.[5][6]

If Kleio is returned to Korinth, she remains for a while by Erinna at the port, before moving to stand within Anthousa's home by the Porneion and the Leader House.




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