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Kings of Sparta was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


To reclaim the citizenship and their home, Kassandra met the Two Kings of Sparta, Archidamos and Pausanias.


ACOD Kings of Sparta 01

Kassandra meeting Brasidas

Kassandra met Brasidas outside the palace of the two kings.

  • Brasidas: There you are. I can take you in to see the kings when you're ready.

(If players asked "What should I expect?")

  • Kassandra: What do I need to know before I go in?
  • Brasidas: That's right. You've never had an audience with the two kings.
(If players met Pausanias during Bully the Bullies.)
  • Kassandra: I've met Pausanias.
  • Brasidas: King Pausanias. Really.

Brasidas explained their rulership.

  • Brasidas: Kings Pausanias and Archidamos share rulership. Impress them both, and your home will be returned to you.
  • Kassandra: I didn't expect this to be pleasant.

(If players asked "Who is Pausanias?")

  • Kassandra: What can you tell me about Pausanias?
  • Brasidas: He's young. Don't mistake his smile for kindness — as with all kings, those who cross him learn to regret it.

(If players asked "Who is Archidamos?")

  • Kassandra: What should I know about Archidamos?
  • Brasidas: Archidamos is... a traditionalist. Not one to back down from a fight. He's also got a temper. Try to stay on his good side.

(If players chose "I'm ready.")

  • Kassandra: Waiting won't make this easier.
(If a task for the kings has not been completed)
  • Brasidas: They won't look kindly on you asking for favors without offering some kind of help first, like taking care of the soldiers arming the helots.
(Accept – "I'll take my chances.")
  • Kassandra: I'm tired of doing people favors. Let's get this over with.
  • Brasidas: Come on then. Your mother's waiting inside.

Brasidas beckoned her to follow.

  • Brasidas: Then let's go. Your mother's already inside.
ACOD Two Kings of Sparta duelling

Archidamos and Pausanias dueling

They entered. Kassandra spied two men in finery fighting, armed with spears and shields.

  • Kassandra: Where are the kings?
  • Brasidas: There.

Brasidas pointed to the two men who were fighting. They were Kings Archidamos and Pausanias, the former of whom had knocked the other to the ground and held a spear to his throat.

  • Archidamos: What do you say now?
  • Pausanias: You made your point, Archidamos. I yield.
ACOD Kings of Sparta 04

Archidamos helping Pausanias up

Archidamos helped Pausanias to his feet, addressing the crowd.

  • Archidamos: Another two squadrons to Boeotia, then. As I said.
  • Kassandra: Is that how they solve arguments?
  • Brasidas: Sometimes.
  • Myrrine: Archidamos' guard has improved. He should thank me.

Archidamos turned his attention to Brasidas.

  • Archidamos: Brasidas! You've come with news. Let's hear it.
  • Brasidas: My kings, may I present Myrrine, descendant of Leonidas, and her daughter Kassandra.

  • Archidamos: I heard you'd come back. How dare you step foot on Spartan soil?! I should cut it off for what you did.
  • Brasidas: They helped us secure Korinthia, my king. I beg you to listen.
  • Pausanias: They are descendants of Leonidas. For that reason alone they should be allowed to speak.
    And if we don't like what they have to say, you can chop off any limb you see fit.

  • Archidamos: How dare you show your face in Sparta.
  • Brasidas: Kassandra helped me secure Korinthia, my king. She helped with the helot rebellion. They want what's best for Sparta. I beg you to listen.
  • Pausanias: Let's hear what they have to say before we bloody the palace floor.

  • Archidamos: Speak, Myrrine. Why are you here?
  • Myrrine: I have returned to reclaim my Spartan citizenship. To reclaim our home.
  • Archidamos: You exiled yourself. Your daughter killed an elder and ran.
  • Pausanias: Not to mention the crooked nose she gave you.
  • Myrrine: My family was betrayed, my king. Sparta was betrayed. We've come to expose these traitors.
  • Archidamos: You haven't cared for Sparta for many years.

  • Kassandra: Your elders had both her children thrown off a cliff! They tore our whole family apart.

Myrrine gave her a worried whisper.

  • Myrrine: Kassandra, not here!
  • Kassandra: But the minute she thought Sparta was in danger, she came back. She brought us both back to help. How dare you accuse her of not caring!

Myrrine couldn't hide her pride in Kassandra behind her worried expression.

  • Archidamos: I've heard your grandfather couldn't control his temper either.

  • Kassandra: Then blame me.
    I killed the elder. I started all of this. So if you want someone to prove their loyalty, it should be me.
  • Archidamos: I'm not sure if I should congratulate you on your honesty or punish you for the crime you've just confessed.

Kassandra said nothing and stepped forward to her mother's side.

  • Myrrine: What you say is true. But I swear by the two gods my intentions are pure.

Regardless, Archidamos demanded to know Kassandra's intentions.

  • Archidamos: Myrrine has made her intentions known. What are yours?

  • Kassandra: My intentions are to hunt down those who betrayed my family and Sparta. And kill them.
  • Archidamos: And who exactly do you think betrayed Sparta?
  • Kassandra: That's what I'm here to find out.

  • Kassandra: My intentions are to return home. Here. Where I was born.
  • Archidamos: What happened on Taygetos brought shame on Sparta. You and your family have no home here.

Regardless, Pausanias proposed a remedy.

  • Pausanias: First, prove yourself loyal.
    Bring glory to Sparta, and redeem yourself in the eyes of the gods. Until then, neither you, nor your mother, have a right to your lands.
  • Kassandra: Tell me what I must do, and it will be done.
  • Archidamos: The Spartan army fights the Athenians in Boeotia. Join the commanders there. Come back victorious, or do not return.

  • Kassandra: You expect me to win a war when your own troops can't?
  • Archidamos: My troops will crush any army under Helios. And if you want your home back you'll go to Boeotia and mind your tongue.

Kassandra lowered her gaze in silence.

  • Archidamos: Good, you're learning.

  • Kassandra: Consider the battle won.
  • Archidamos: Spoken with the confidence of a child who hasn't seen real war.

  • Archidamos: You will find my commander at Mt. Helicon. Give him this and tell him I sent you.
  • Pausanias: Not so fast.
    Two kings. Two tasks.

  • Kassandra: And what would you have me do? Conquer the rest of the world?

Archidamos laughed.

  • Pausanias: I'd leave the conquering to Archidamos.

Archidamos chuckled.

  • Archidamos: First Spartan thing you've said all day.

  • Pausanias: The Olympics will be starting soon in Elis, and our fighting champion requires an escort.
  • Kassandra: You want me to be an escort?
  • Pausanias: I want you to make sure the Spartans return with a wreath.
  • Archidamos: That's how she'll bring glory to Sparta? By winning an event in the Olympics?
  • Pausanias: Not an event, my king. By making sure Sparta wins the entire Olympics.

Kassandra rubbed her forehead.

  • Kassandra: Perfect.
(If the player did not complete a task)
  • Archidamos: One last thing. When you come asking a favor, it's customary to bring a gift.
    But you didn't. So now, I will choose your gift for you.
    A wolf has been attacking farmers on the Dioskouroi Peninsula. People say it's King Lycaon himself, cursed by Zeus to live out his days as a wolf.

  • Kassandra: I will kill this animal and bring you its head.

  • Kassandra: Your reports are out of date. I killed the wolf some time ago.
  • Pausanias: She follows orders swiftly.
  • Archidamos: We'll see if that's true when you get to Boeotia.

  • Pausanias: You have your orders. We'll see you when your tasks are completed.
  • Archidamos: If they're completed.
ACOD Kings of Sparta 07

Kassandra accepted the king's request

  • Kassandra: I'll get them done, and you'll give us back our home.
  • Pausanias: There's some Spartan left in you after all.
  • Archidamos: Brasidas, show them out.

Brasidas bowed and led the women out of the palace. Archidamos called the next matter to be brought forth.

  • Archidamos: Next?
ACOD Kassandra, Myrrine, and Brasidas

Kassandra, Myrrine and Brasidas after their meeting with the kings

That night, Kassandra, Myrrine, and Brasidas held council with each other at the formers' former home.

  • Kassandra: That went well.
  • Brasidas: Considering you still have a head on your shoulders, yes I'd say it went very well.
  • Myrrine: The kings were generous to give us a second chance.
  • Kassandra: And all I have to do is win the Olympics.
  • Myrrine: And a war.
  • Brasidas: Is there anything you need to know before setting off?

(If players asked "Why did they send me to Boeotia?")

  • Kassandra: What's going on in Boeotia?
  • Brasidas: The Athenian army is pushing Sparta back bit by bit. Winning won't be easy.
  • Myrrine: If anyone can turn the tide there, it's you.

(If players asked "What do you know about the Olympics?")

  • Kassandra: What do you know about this fighting champion I'm supposed to take to the Olympics?
  • Brasidas: The pankration fighter. His trainer will know where he is.
  • Kassandra: My thanks.
  • Myrrine: Things are not quite what they seem. But you must keep this champion safe at all costs to succeed.
  • Kassandra: I will.
(If players asked "Where do I find this legendary wolf?")
  • Kassandra: Tell me about this wolf. It's under a curse?
  • Brasidas: It's causing a lot of trouble on the Dioskouroi Peninsula. You'll be doing the people there a favor if you get rid of it.
  • Kassandra: Where can I find it?
  • Brasidas: I'd start near Diros Cave. That's where it was last seen.

(If players asked "Which king is the cultist?")

  • Kassandra: One of the kings is a Cultist... so one of these tasks is surely a trap. But which one?
  • Myrrine: Brasidas?
  • Brasidas: Wouldn't say that within earshot of the palace. But I've fought with both of them. I can't believe either is a traitor.
  • Myrrine: We need to find proof before we make any accusations. Keep your eyes open.

(Leave – "I've heard enough.")

  • Kassandra: I think I'm ready. And you? What will you do while I'm gone?
  • Myrrine: I received a message just before we went in.
  • Kassandra: What kind of message?
  • Myrrine: A clue to the whereabouts of another Cultist. I'm going to Arkadia.
  • Kassandra: Alone?
ACOD Kings of Sparta 08

Brasidas offering to accompany Myrrine

  • Brasidas: The fates are smiling on us. I was ordered there. We can travel together.
  • Myrrine: That would be helpful. My thanks.
  • Kassandra: I'll meet you both in Arkadia, then. Safe journeys.

Kassandra parted ways with them and set about completing her labors, while Brasidas and Myrrine departed together.


After a tense audience with the Kings of Sparta, Kassandra was given her tasks to make amends for her actions 17 years prior, and to restore Myrrine's claim to their lands.


  • Failure to complete a task for the kings before meeting them in the palace will result in the player having to hunt the Lykaon Wolf as an additional requirement. Additionally, Daphnae of the Daughters of Artemis requests the player hunt this, and several other animals, as part of a long side quest. However, Daphnae only wants the pelt; the player will claim both the head of the wolf and the pelt as quest items, for Archidamos and Daphnae respectively. The head is also received even if A Legendary Hunt quest has been locked out.
  • Archidamos claims that his general is at Mount Helikon, whereas he can actually be found within the Spartan Military Camp in the Ruins of Plataia.



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